I’m bloggin this live now while watching PBB Teen Plus, and bumped upon this issue that I’d like to blog about right now.

It appears to be that Beauty has some difficulty treating Kevin well, because his Dad is hurting her Mom. Don’t you think that this is what makes Beauty bad? I’m just posting this all the way, with no real point to grab, but let me try to draw a line here.

Kevin’s Dad may have made Beauty’s Mom cry, often. But it has its reasons too, if her Mom wouldn’t have been so hard headed like she sometimes is, you know. While at the other end, a lot of them (teens) do not like Kevin, for a reason which I can understand, because he’s like a rock in there, don’t you think?

Well, what I’ve got to say now, don’t be a cry baby Beauty, it really doesn’t fit your personality and at the other end now, I hope that none of them exits for this stupid reason, since as far as I know, even siblings come to have sever conflict, how much more about those in the house of have just newly met?