The Barkada Quiz Twist by SMB Flavored Beer

San Miguel Flavored Beer is at it again, bringing something exciting and new to the table for you and your Barkada to have fun with.

SMBFB Quiz Twist

SMBFB Quiz Twist

Next to the Barkada Fun Challenges that I have introduced in an earlier post comes the follow-up activity where you can assess your knowledge about your Barkada, enjoy the app and even winning exciting prizes along the way.

Introducing the Barkada Quiz Twist

The Barkada Quiz Twist is yet another creative way of San Miguel Flavored Beer to ensure that you and your clique have fun and enjoy. The Barkada Quiz Twist proves to be a good way to check how much you know, or how much they know about you. You’ll find some seriously fun and curious results taking the Barkada Quiz Twist app once you get started!

How well do you know your "Barkada"?

How well do you know your “Barkada”?

  • It’s very easy to join the Barkada Quiz Twist Game. Get started by liking the San Miguel Flavored Beer Facebook Page here.
  • Click on the San Miguel Flavored Beers: Quiz Twist Application tab when you’re on the page.
  • Register yourself in order to participate in the Quiz Twist. Make sure that you register with the exact name on your Valid I.D.
  • Click start to get the quiz started.
  • Invite 4 of your Barkada to join you playing the game. It’s recommended that you inform them beforehand. 😉 They will, however, still be notified though.
  • Generate a quiz by creating a set of five questions from the Questions Menu.
  • Participants must answer questions by ranking themselves according to the indicated “Barkada” criteria. You may play more than one game while waiting for the results of earlier quizzes.
  • After all of the players completed the quiz, or after 24 hours – whichever comes first – the app will tally the ranks and reveal a “twisted” result.

Earn points for Great Prizes

By taking part in the San Miguel Flavored Beers Quiz Twist app, you get yourself a chance to win great prizes for you and your friends! But before we get to the prizes, here’s how you can accumulate points.

  • Upon registering yourself to the said app, you will be handed with 40 nifty points to get you started.
  • For each quiz that ALL your invited Barkada have answered you get 8 points (a total of up to 80/day)
  • For answering a quiz, you get 5 points, and you can earn up to 50points/day (that would be ten quizzes)
  • Sharing the app gives you 8 points everyday.
  • Sharing the results of your quizzes also gets you 8 points.

All in all, you can earn up to 200+ points on a single day that you can redeem for great prizes:

  • 200 Winners of San Miguel Flavored Beer Caps
  • 200 Winners of San Miguel Flavored Beer Shirts
  • 100 Winners of San Miguel Flavored Beer in Cases
  • 4 Winners of Apple iPad Mini

Points that you require for a SMBF Beer Cap are 1,000, for the SMBF Beer Shirt, 1,500, for a case of tasty SMBF Beer you’d need 2,500 points and getting one of the 4 iPad mini can be bailed out at just 10,000 points!

What else do I need to say? Head over to San Miguel Flavored Beers Facebook Page now to get started! 🙂