A day out of the Hospital because of Dengue, and I’m back on tour already! This time, I was headed to Banana Peel located at Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Joining me there for the store visit were my fellow buddies from Davao Bloggers, Swexie and Angel.

It was rather ill-advised that I’d break free from the walls of my home to go to the mall a day after my Hospital confinement, I just couldn’t hold myself any longer at home and just had to make this visit.

And checking out Banana Peel was quite worth it!

One thing that you should be prepared for, before you enter a Banana Peel store is, prepare yourself for headache. There are tons of designs and color combinations to choose from. The longer your search lasts finding that perfect pair, the hard it becomes – you’d end up with multiple favorites just like I did, and picking one or two of those favorites definitely create some headache.

At the end of the day, I followed one of my childhood sayings: When in doubt, choose Mickey Mouse. 🙂

Mickey Mouse Design at Banana Peel

Mickey Mouse Design at Banana Peel

Banana Peel Slippers: Dozen of designs. Same good quality.

All slippers at Banana Peel don’t just look great, but feel great on your feet and are of great quality as well. You can’t go wrong with any of their selection whose prices can be as low as 150php or as high as 400+ for some funky slippers.

Banana Peel Privilege Card

The more slippers you buy, the better and sweeter the deal gets at Banana Peel. Take advantage of the Banana Peel Privilege Card with accumulated purchases of at least 3,500 Pesos during the whole year.

Privilege Card Holders of Banana Peel shall be rewarded with 10% discount on all their purchases made through cash, and 5% discount on all their purchases made via credit card during their one year Privilege Card status.

Adding another year to your Privilege Card requires you to make an accumulated purchases of 1,500 Pesos only. Not too hard to accumulate if you’ve got a few family members or friends whose slippers you want to upgrade!

Banana Peel slippers we end up choosing.

Banana Peel slippers we end up choosing.

Like Banana Peel on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bananapeelflipflops

Banana Peel’s website: www.bananapeel.net

Follow Banana Peel on Twitter: @bananapeelofcl

Some Photos courtesy of Swexie.