Ateneo de Davao High School has been one of the very few institutions Rex Bustillothat has made a quite bigger significant mark in my life than the other ordinary ones, like the PWC of Davao. And yet a while ago, I was able to reunite with some of those key people I met at Ateneo de Davao who made my stay there more comfortable and enjoyable.

I can’t deny the fact that I really hated Ateneo when I was in third year, but it was in the second, when I really started to like schooling, and High School to be specific. But let’s put those things aside and move to the little reunion that we had.

As usual, the casual victim of their Filipino Time tradition was non else but me. I was kept on the old for a couple of minutes waiting outside the National Bookstore at Gaisano Mall Davao, oh, did I forgot to mention that earlier, I walked all the way from the Mall down to Ateneo de Davao College only to know that they are already on their way to the Mall?

Well, I wasn’t that excited anymore to see their fat faces because of theAlexandra Tuble and Kevin Paquet long waiting time. As we finally came together, the first thought that came up was, “if where our other buddies in the barkada was”, and clueless respond that we got was they were just unable to get in touch with the others. Everything changed dramatically from the happy go lucky food trip anywhere to a casual little chit chat at the food court on top of the Mall. Talking about a couple of past memories, like the Chicken Nuggets cooking at my place, the Mr Black Issue and other significant events that touched our lives way back.

But something that I really have noticed on one of them was their being chubby, both have gained weight, or should I say fats? Especially the one that I’ve kept teasing, which is Alex.

After our talk we went downstairs, to go to our next venue which was the Internet Cafe of Rex located near the AdDU College Campus, as expected, both Alex and Rex went on food trip, eating kwek kwek and some other chuva that I can’t name. Haha. And finally, we arrived at the Cafe only to talk outside the building and then go part ways.

Alex accompanied me to NCCC Mall, in the hope that she could get some freebies from my mom for dinner, but well we ended up sharing my meal. But, I really do wonder why my mother was at total rage that time.Alexandra Tuble meeting Mr Almighty

Alex then eventually agreed to accompany me home. And my plan was clean and perfect, she fell for the Mr Almighty Prank, and I haven’t told her about the truth yet.

I’m too tired of summing up my day. But this is pretty much everything that I have done today, nothing blogging related, but hey, here’s a little shout out for those who are wondering who’s the latest blogger being gossiped about.

There’s this one blogger who has been faking his subscrber count enormously lately. I don’t know if this person stands as a good example for a Student Blogger. (4th Paragraph)

Another thing that I want to remind you of, is that there will be a couple of new sub blogs that will be created soon, so watch out for them. 🙂

Kevin and Alex Tuble