Since 1999, the Asian Youth Forum has recognized youth from Korea, Japan, Russia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan and has given opportunities to discuss issues, create cultural awareness and promote leadership in Asian communities. AYF was established by a group of English teachers who were members of the Pan Asian Conference. The forum itself is focused on 4 principles: Youth and Leadership Development, Language and Communication, Culture, and Social Issues.

Asian Youth Forum’s Mission

“AYF envisions the empowerment of young people of Asia by providing opportunities to discuss significant issues in an Asian perspective and creating awareness of their own culture as well as others, it will be able to create a network amongst young Asian people, and use English as our common language, AYF will promote peace, goodwill and intercultural understanding. AYF commits itself for the empowerment of the Asian youth by implementing programs, activities, and initiatives in consonance with the ideals, interests of the Asian aspirations, and hopes of Asian Youth around the world. AYF envisions an organization that is sensitive and responsive to the Youth and will assist and support their needs the best way possible.”

What They Do

Along with local and national projects which promote the growth of a peaceful global community, AYF sponsors the International Youth Forum every two years. The International Youth Forum is a week long event in which college/ university students and youth of ages 18 – 25 meet for leadership training and cultural exchange through workshops, lectures and group discussions. Asian Youth Forum International believes that building a peaceful foundation is key to shaping a better future for generations to come.

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