I may not be a writer of a terrific kind, nor do I love to write anything at all. But in order to serve Pinoy Teens Online and it’s Community in Development. I’m obliged to participate and contribute to our little society the best way that I can, and that is by volunteering as a writer.

If you allow me to introduce myself to you. I’m Joseph Anthony Quin, one of the administrators of the Kabataan Boards that former existed on this subdomain. Pinoy Teens Online unflagging success these recent months brought it’s ranking as high as top 102,667 in terms of Alexa, and a sound Authority of 179 in Technorati. Still, it’s quite an mile to the rear top. Aside from the successful march we are taking as of this very moment, we do experience draw backs, just like we do experience right now, since the last few days, our average ranking dropped back to over a hundred twenty K.

I’ll be the man in-charger for future articles in our dearest Filipino Language, since Filipino has always been my favorite subject at school, and among all of the other writes, I possess the most explicit writing skill in Tagalog, as the say.

See you around, and happy blog hopping.