For the most part, we at Pinoy Teens New Media have remained silent regarding the never-ending conflict of whether ABS CBN should be allowed back into power or not. It’s been a funny debate, because those who have been complaining the most are celebrities and personalities that most certainly belong to the better paid employees of the said network. Most of their employees, however, are not even full-time employees. A fact that many rampaging about ABS-CBN’s closure on Social Media neglect to inform the world about. Sure, the said network has had a positive impact in our lives, however, one can’t deny that it has a negative impact as well – not just on the audience who are watching many of their dumbed down TV series that boast nothing but cheating, family problem and betrayal… but also for those who don’t make it on the better paid list of ABS-CBN. Hey, it’s a business after all… and if people have to suffer with a smaller paycheck for better margin or if people have to watch the shame shitty formula all over again because they can’t afford creativity — why not?

Angel Locsin threatens alleged Social Media troll

Back to Angel Locsin though. It is no secret that Angel Locsin is against the controversial closure of ABS CBN; it’s not hard to imagine also that she opposes the Anti Terror Bill which allegedly hampers democracy and free speech in our country. While I don’t agree with her on this, I don’t outright dismiss her point of view as ridiculous. I respect her and all she has done for the youth, from the way she helps people in need and the way she remained exemplary on social media amidst bashing and whatnot sent her way. That was, until today.

In a surprising turn of events, Angel Locsin went on the offensive when she was put on the spot regarding ABS-CBN demeaning treatment of majority of its employees. She burst out threatening to seek out the real identity of a Twitter account that she got into an argument with. It’s really ironic how people who so dearly oppose the anti-terror bill, which they say suppresses freedom of speech, go as far as threatening a fellow netizen just because they have opposing point of views. As someone of her stature and publicity, it’s not just a small slip up of hers. Poser account or not, such a threat from a high profile internet personality will not go unnoticed and speaks volumes of how far they go just to escape a difficult position they are put in.

It is nothing new for the likes of Rappler to brush off fake news that they publish, but for someone of Angel Locsin’s caliber, it’s dearly disappointing.

Well, sometimes you live long enough to become the villain.