I am writing now composing this entry to my Journler Notebook from the 7th floor of the S.A.S Building of Ateneo de Davao. The floor on which the Finster Auditorium is located that is about to host hundreds of parents, guardians and freshmen for the First Year and Transferees Parent Meeting. The attendance, if compared to recent years has grown by a large margin, year-over-year.

I bet the program inside the Auditorium has kicked off already, as it looked full from front to the last seat when I checked on it a couple of minutes back. I wonder how they were able to accommodate and how they will be able t accommodate the dozens of parents that have recently arrived and are yet to confirm their attendance at the attendance desk. and then proceed to the Auditorium.

One thing that saddens me thou, is the fact that I haven’t seen any of my 18 fellow classmates. Add to it that none of them replied to my text message when I asked around whether they are present here today or not. But that is fine; I guess.

It is actually like an Deja Vu to me. Almost everything that took place today, took place a year back when I had my stellar run at the academe but failed terribly about two months into the school year due to personal issues that hindered me to continue attending my class under Z5 – BSIT. Let’s hope that this year won’t be the same anymore, and that I’ll be able to have a fruitful year at the Ateneo de Davao, and finally finish my journey that has taken quiet a lot of patience and energy from both parties, my parents and me. 4 more years. And that would be it. Good luck, to all!