The Eleventh Nomination Night just passed by, and we’ve got three nominees this week, including two who have been nominated in succession, that’s Sam and Johan; with newcomer (since some time) Jason to complete the list.

Last Eviction Night, we’ve witnessed the ejection of Rica, one of Melissa (Melai’s closest buds in the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up house), it was pretty hard to call and I could’ve bet my money on that one of the males (Johan or Paul Jake) would leave the house, yet I was wrong. Rica contributed a huge part on how the majority are looking at gays. It is not all the time that people pay respect to the third gender, but during Rica’s stay, many have realized that they ain’t that bad like many, I mean many of them showcase.

JASON is in danger – We know well that this is not the first time that Jason is on the rooster of ejection. But I don’t think that he, and his fans (esp the Melason’s) are going to have a huge problem dealing with it and keeping him inside the house for another week, but the competition seems tough, tougher than ever, probably. Are you Melason ready to help Jason this week? More unlikely things can happen if we’re not going to be careful, like the nomination of Jason after all. He barely has been given a point by his housemates last week, and now there he his, one of the three who’s going to pack his or her bags.

JOHAN might soon leave – he’s become a asset (take that negatively) with his irritability and narrow-mindedness when discussing others’ views. And I don’t think he (nor his fans) can cope with it any longer beyond another week if in case he will be saved by the masses this time around (again).

SAM insensitivity might kick her out – and that’s exactly what many of her housemates think about her. Aside from being insensitive with her relation to the other housemates, his fellas also believe that she doesn’t handle the house chores well and needs to exit as soon as possible.

So there you have it, three housemates who should leave or stay for three different reasons. Who is your bet? Who do you want to leave? Well, we are going to find out who’s in and who’s not this coming weekend! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite housemate and save Jason, Johan or Sam from eviction in Pinoy Big Brother Double Up!