Willie Revillame suspended?!

Mr. Wowowee himself got into trouble during the aired Wowowee show on Cory Aquino’s Funeral. It is uncertain whether the show along with Willie Revillame has been suspended or whether he just needs some time for himself, what we know about is that Revillame is not to be seen on any episode of ABS-CBN’s popular noon time show Wowowee. Hundreds of Online Users reacted negatively to his plead to have the live broadcast of the Cory Aquino Funeral to be removed during his show or have the show stopped and watch the funeral instead, as according to him, it is very difficult to be happy when seeing the coffin of the late President Aquino. Willie was asked to leave for an indefinite time by Monday but disappeared since the Saturday broadcast of the said noon-time show. We are not certain whether he will return or how the future of his show will be like in the next couple of days.

Most especially after the numerous online petitions going on to have the show stopped. Again, he has not been directly suspended, but from what we can deduce about the Willie Revillame indefinite leave from the show, it is like he has been suspended. He might have been suspended, but he left earlier than asked which leaves us puzzled about this issue and certain other aspects.

Why Boycott Wowowee and Suspend Willie?

A lot have been asking this question. Even I, most especially people who sympathize for Willie’s dear reaction of choosing (I don’t sympathize him nor otherwise), whether to have the show going or have the funeral going on National Television, but not both at the same time. Personally, it was a good choice that he has voiced out his concern there, for ABS CBN to pick one of the two options, since it is really not that nice to watch a happy show knowing that one very influential women to the Philippines, if not to the whole world in terms of delivering enhanced aspects to democracy passed away. I can’t quiet get why people are so insanely after the closure of the said show aired during noon.

Willie Revillame’s Mistake

ONE thing that might have raised the anger of the masses could be that Willie offered the choice to have either his show or the funeral aired on ABS CBN, when we could have insisted of running it instead and have Cory Aquino highlight or television shows for a few more additional hours of attention (I’m not saying she does not deserves it, because she truthfully does)


ON the other hand, I have to say that it was a bad idea that ABS aired the funeral alongside the happy show. I believe that it wasn’t Willie who paid the least respect to Cory Aquino but ABS-CBN for their crucial erroneous decision. The best thing that I could say about this move is it showcased their insensitivity and probable greed of money that they can make from Wowowee by airing it simultaneously being the faithful Cory Aquino Followers by having it sidelined on the television sets of people watching from home. Willie is right, it isn’t good to be happy seeing someone of such great influence who passed away dead in her coffin.

What is the deal about it?

Still I feel puzzled about the real deal behind it. People say Willie has become arrogant and is not worthy of all the attention he gets and all the viewers who watch his show, I’m not saying that more people should get hooked at noon watching him, but nevertheless do I support the said statement, there was nothing wrong with what he said, and if there was, I bet he let go of the words with no intention of harming anyone. If anyone encounters the same realization as I do, is a Wowowee Suspension still an option for you? Or would be rightful for Willie Revillame to be suspended?

  • http://pinoyteens.net TOTOY

    PLASTIK KA C EH kalamu cya may ari ng abs cbn haist feeling walang galang tama lang yan para matuto cya

    • Boom Boom

      To those who judge without analyzing the situation properly are A BUNCH OF FOOLS AND ARROGANT, MINDLESS, STUPID NUMSKULLS. For the first place how can you really be happy if the one who brought back democracy or freedom itself to our country is lying cold in the coffin?, Then you judge Mr. Revillame of being insensitive and disrespectful? It is not Mr. Revillame but the management and those that run the company are to be blamed. Willie just stood bravely to his principles. He must not be blamed for the action that must be done on that time. If you really feel sorry for the and you sympathized the former president then you must consider that you cannot truly feel that sympathy if you are watching the television being happy while on the other half of the screen you the procession of the the former president.

      • http://www.hotmail.com Benigno Revillame

        What do you mean a bunch of Fools and etc.
        Willie is the one who is a Fool, Arrogant. Mindless and stupid numskull. If you like Willie you are like him. Maybe Wille is paying You, or you are Willie.

        • http://yahoo.com Clinton

          My dear fellow, you rush on your judgement and clearly skewed as well as flawed on how you digested the entire situation. You got your emotions ahead of you in responding to the Fool, Arrogant etc.. comment. Read deeper and truly digress the gist of the entry of “Boom Boom.” You throw accusations without digging into the reason why comments of such were made. Leave your emotions out,.. you’ll go far my dear fellow. I hope you are not a lawyer. Your emotion outburst will get you thrown out of court, or worse,.. get you thrown in jail.

          Think through the muddle, you’ll see the message clearly. Willie is Willie. The man is just expressing his thoughts in a democratice Philippines. The ultimate blame is with the management of ABS-CBN. Out of respect for the late saintly-president of the best country in Southeast Asia, the management should have decided to stop airing the show and focus instead on the solemnity of the funeral event. Don’t purge Willie even though you hate his guts. ABS-CBN decided irresponsibly. Willie is the fall guy.

          No hard feelings B.R. Case closed!

      • http://none Johnny

        Willie might have the best intentions on what he said. But it is arrogant of him to bitch it out on live TV. There’s no excuse for him to act & talk like that. He’s been acting like this whenever he show his anger towards his staff and the way he treats them like dirt again live on TV.
        The bottom line is, the guy has no education on things like these.

  • http://pinoyteens.net TOTOY

    GRrRRR kakaasar PLASTIK KA C EH kalamu cya may ari ng abs cbn haist feeling walang galang tama lang yan para matuto cya

  • http://www.pamatayhomesick.blogspot.com ever

    abangan nalangang susunod na kabanata…i think you are right about this, medyo nag alangan sila dahil malaki ang mawawala.

  • http://friendster,multiply,youtube roberto cumbe

    willie bastos,walang galang,at napakayabang,nanlalait ng staff at ng mga guest.get out!!!

    • Bitoy

      Am with you!! Sa lahat ng nanood ng Wowowee. Dont you see how arrogant and unprofessional host yang si Willy. Tama ba na pagalitan nya mga staff on air? bastos!! wlang modo!! Yan ang nagawa ng sobrang popularity. Feeling nya sobrang powerful nya. Maraming pwede pumalit sa pwesto nya na makapag bigay saya sa tao na hindi sa paraang bastos na bunganga. MAG MUMOG KA NG LASON!!

  • Sugar

    My comment: I hope Willie and the rest of the responsible staff from ABS-CBN had been decided earlier to avoid that mistakes, of which is the best to air on TV.
    first of all, Wowowwe can always be play, but the former President Aqiuino’s funeral will be the last.

    what a disrespectful for the last Memory of our Proud and Faithful Woman in our country,

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  • Juicyberry


    • http://araboy45@yahoo.com abe

      true my opinion, talagang malaking kamalian ni willie roon sa kanyang ginawang pagpapaalis nga ba ng reporting regarding sa paglipat ng cortege body of tita cory from la salle greenhills to manila cathedral. dahil sa paulit-ulit kong panoorin sa you tube ang video, sa kanyang pag-aalsa o parang mabigat sa loob niya ang ikinabit na small portion ng kuha ni tita cory’s procession. well masasabing parang ngang ayaw niyang masabay sa wowowee show niya ang mga bagay na iyon. hindi ito isang munting bagay na babawalain lang na isang ina ng demokrasya ng pilipinas ipagpapalit mo sa isang shows na malaki ngang perang ipinapasok sa company, pero ang laban dito ay iyong isang pilipino prestige or pagpapahalaga ng isang tawagin na nating hero. salamat po

  • Bunz de Villa

    Maybe a suspension for Willie for at least 3mos. will teach him a lesson. He’s getting worse and worse! We, here in Macau really like watching Wowowee (before) and we like Wilie (before). It’s just lately, he’s getting worse & worse! He’s becoming so “mayabang, mapang-lait ng staff, and even unfair to contestants. And one more thing that irritates us was his word na “wala s’yang kinatatakutan”? Isn’t it that he’s so arrogant now? Well, it’s just difficult to elaborate one by one but i’m sure you all noticed everything. For short, leksyon ang dapat sa kanya at kapag natuto sya…baka mapapatawad pa rin sya ng madlang people! Willie, sinayang mo at sinira mo ang paghanga ng tao sayo! Mwah.

    • http://www.yahoo.com conan

      Yes..I agree with a lot of filipino’s sentiment about Willi Revillame’s suspension for his arrogant behaviour during Cory’s funeral. For him to say “Wala akong kinatatakutan” is tantamount to being “mayabang” and stupid that should not only be suspended but fired from the show.

  • Princess

    Oh, you’re back. I don’t know what to say. Willie is both right and wrong, right by thought wrong by deed.

    • laurel grove nasugbu

      Ayaw ko sa paraan ng pagsasabi nya ng kanyang nararamdaman. Sa PEP explanation ni Mr. J. Manahan, Willie has his deep most respect to our beloved Cory Aquino pero hindi nga tama ang pagkaka react at way ng pagsasalita nya on air. He has his good intentions but was not able able to express it in good faith. Naaawa ako sa kanya kasi parati na lang syang tinitira ni Joey De Leon sana kung sino lang ang walang kasalanan sya lang ang me karapatang pumukol ng bato. Napakalinis ba ni Joey De Leon at wala ba syang ginagawang mali? Wag tayong mabuhay na parati na lang yung mali ng iba ang nakikita natin baka mas marami pa tayong kasalanan sa taong pinupuna natin…di ba Mr. Joey De Leon? SA MGA MAKAKABASA NG REACTION KO, I RESPECT ALL YOUR OPINIONS AT SANA AY GANUN DIN KAYO SA AKIN. Thank you.

      • laurel grove nasugbu

        I agree with Princess by the way, few words but well said.

  • ellamae1540

    to the writer of this article, you are absolutely right.. it wasn’t right that they showed two shows of different mode/emotion simultaneously, it’s just the way he delivered his message.. i guess because i have seen this guy personally and witnessed his arrogance that when he delivered his message, he opted to deliver it with temper instead of with humbleness.. that is just a little too hard to accept.. and the fact that he challenged the management!…who works for who..who is despensable here?

    • Dondoredon

      I really hate anything about willie from the moment he became a big star that he is now. I used to like him when he was a side-kick to the big star. Yes, I really do not like him at all now. It’s not that I didn’t want him to grow as an artist and entertainer, there’s just something wrong on the way he acts, speaks his mind, and carries himself in public. And yes, he is getting worse everyday.

      It takes time to mold a person to be an ace in his chosen field. In his case, he had been around for quite sometime but he was not really been seen and felt to have exerted tremendous effort to reach the stature where he is now—as the host of wowowee. He just happen to be chosen to host a very lively show that teaches people to believe in luck and luck alone, while doing nothing waiting for it.

      He should learn from the pros who have been there for the longest time. The masters for sure had their share of lows and blows but they are able to resurface and survive…Yes,he may have beaten the masters once, twice or thrice, but still that should not be misinterpreted as a long-term success nor a triumph beyond the reach of bad luck…Only time can determine real success.

      Now I pity him because he just doesn’t know any alphabet in the words ettiquette, professionalsim and humility.

      I hope this time it’s gonna be a lesson learned.

  • supercute

    Some people are hypocrite, what is wrong when willie ask to show either cory’s wake or his show and requested not to show it simultaneously. It’s very improper to show happy people in the show while simultaneously showing very sad events. Put yourself in his shoes, what will you do??? It is hard to make people happy while you see other people in grief. Wake up guys. . don’t drive your self with worthless emotions, be realistic.

    • Dondoredon

      As what the author had mentioned, right motive but very poorly executed. He is yet to learn the proper conduct that separates the men from boys. He has been very busy savoring his success and forgot the basics. Kumbaga, andami pa nyang kakaining bigas but he is already acting as if he has the world in his hand. This guy just never learns or maybe refuses to learn because he is blinded by the luster of his stardom…

      This whole incident also showed the true color of ABS-CBN…they are always after for higher revenues regardless of the situation…

  • http://youtube jeramel

    talagang napakabastos ng willie na yan!!!!
    kahit na napakayaman nya’y wala siyang karapatan na mangbastos

    • jamin Agust

      you guys just jealous…

  • http://wowowee.... glenda

    lumalaki na talaga ang ulo ni willie. now, he has the guts to say that he’ll resign if ever he’s proven wrong ‘coz he got everything he needed already from abs-cbn. nagyayabang siya sa mga tao by being rude to his staff. have you ever seen tito, vic and joey treating his staff that way? open your eyes….don’t get fooled by this idiot. also, he’s just pretending to be kind to people. how could he be a good person when he can’t be a good father to his own kids?!

  • john estralla

    Its the best thing he can do is to leave;,for the future of the show?, well there are plenty of good host and with attitude who can handle that show, its not a lost on part of ABS its the greatest sacrifice ever done by the management, considering his show grab advertiser which is the blood of the network…. Sorry to say im one of the millions who really like the show but host like this, ewan ko.

  • http://www.millionaireacts.com Tyrone | Millionaire Acts

    He should have done it off-cam so as not to offend people. Be always humble no matter how rich you are.

  • desi girl

    i think first of all the first mistake came from the network. obviously they were trying to cater to all viewers, disregarding the importance of our late pres. Cor Aquino’s funeral. They knew that almost everyone will be airing the same thing at the same time. So ABS tried to play it smart. And aired both wowowee and the funeral at the same time. So that those who want something diff. to watch can watch wowowee and those who wants to stay updated on the funeral can watch as well. they didn’t realize that Filipinos sympathizes and loves our late pres. more than Willie.

    second, infareness to willie, i think he had a point. the network should not have air both at the same time. BUT! he also should not have corrected the network while airing in front of all the televiewers. he could have waited for the commercial break. i mean, common! show a little love for your producers and bosses who gave you those tons of money..a little respect and love could have saved you from this.

    Let us all see the bigger picture. I believe that the network is as guilty as Willie Revillame on this.

  • laurel grove nasugbu

    August 13, 2009 at 06:53
    Ayaw ko sa paraan ng pagsasabi nya ng kanyang nararamdaman. Sa PEP explanation ni Mr. J. Manahan, Willie has his deep most respect to our beloved Cory Aquino pero hindi nga tama ang pagkaka react at way ng pagsasalita nya on air. He has his good intentions but was not able able to express it in good faith. Naaawa ako sa kanya kasi parati na lang syang tinitira ni Joey De Leon sana kung sino lang ang walang kasalanan sya lang ang me karapatang pumukol ng bato. Napakalinis ba ni Joey De Leon at wala ba syang ginagawang mali? Wag tayong mabuhay na parati na lang yung mali ng iba ang nakikita natin baka mas marami pa tayong kasalanan sa taong pinupuna natin…di ba Mr. Joey De Leon? SA MGA MAKAKABASA NG REACTION KO, I RESPECT ALL YOUR OPINIONS AT SANA AY GANUN DIN KAYO SA AKIN. Thank you.

  • olivahh

    i think willie has big head. i dont like him just to be honest. wag tayong mag plastikan dito if we have a comment or whatever we say. sa mga tao nag comment dito some said nga siya lang ang tinitira palagi? first, if you are a public figure and many look up to you kahit na how good or bad you are. dapat ka lang maging modelo sa mga tao na nanonood sa tv shows mo kasi maraming bata ang sumaybay sa araw-araw na noontime show. ang wowwowee is a degrading show. dapat bang e focus mo ang contestant nga walang tsinelas o sapatos? ano ibig sabihin yan? tayo bang mga pinoy ganyan nalng ba tayo ka hirap? puro pera nalang ba tayo? dapat naman meron tayong credibilidad na iwan sa ating sarili kahit konti lang. yan na nood sa kanyang tv shows i think people are plastic kasi pera lang ang hanap nila. swerti c willie kasi maraming pera ang kanyang network kaya nagtagal ang wowwowee ngayon kasi maraming mahihirap ang sumali kasi madali magkapera. but, i don’t understand some pinoy are to dumb puro pera nalng ipairal. basta my pera lahat sumunod sayo. si willie? yan pera binigay sa mga tao galing yan ng mga sponsors at tfc subscriber. i wish all the best willie kasi kawawa ka na, maraming kang pera pero plastic ka naman and to be honest? wala kang puso. yang drama mo sa tv o mga sinasabi mo? hindi galing yan sa puso mo. its the truth!!! i hope hindi pera ang ipairal mo dapat yong puso mo!!!

  • http://marbermu@yahoo.com Mar

    Willie was not trying to insult/disrepect anybody, Let him back to his show as early as possilble, we need to understand the situation,its so hard to make your show happy and lively if you see somebody like mourning at the same time,some people misinterpret him,If you make mistakes in your job, do you want to be suspended too, of course not bec. we have a lot of financial obligations,common dont make this thing like there is no more solution, we dont know someday it might happen to us too….ok

  • Heather

    Most of us who watch Wowowee here in the states is sick and tired of Willie who has absolutely no class. He is constantly mistreating the staff on the show, humiliates people, and love to LOVE HIMSELF. We are sick of him. There are so many other hosts that can do this show and the show’s format needs to have a better class of host than Willie. He is so into himself, he is also a letch, constantly wanting to know about women’s love preference and compares himself to everyon. HE IS FULL OF HIMSELF… He is an embarassment to the Filipino people, please start looking for a replacement who has better manners and social skills. His constant excuse of “joke lang” is not even funny. We here in the U.S. would love to see other hosts.
    Hope ABS-CBN pays attention. Willie is not indespensable.
    Please listen to the people.

    • PINOY80


  • http://www.friendster.com/ Aika

    gabaan sana xa!!!!!!
    mamatay na xa!

  • Emmy Santos

    Tama yon somusobra na siya. dapat di na siya pabalikin. kakaawa siya.

  • Jun

    What had transpired on that day was completely because of the greed of ABS-CBN. They know that not airing WOWOWEE would result to a drastic cut of airtime revenues in tune to millions considering that the show has more advertisers paying from 50,000 to 150,000 pesos in just one segment. It boils down simply to one reason: ABS-CBN’s avariciousness of money. Unfortunately, it was Willie who received the flak.

    • http://www.kevinpaquet.com Kevin Paquet

      Exactly how I see it too.

  • sylvia

    sana huwag nang bumalik si willie sa wowowee, masyadong arugante at mayabang. bilib sa sarili na guapo siya. kung guapo siya ay wala nang pangit sa mundo.

  • melvin

    Its a shame for the present ABSCBN for not following the traditions of Eugenio Sr. & Jr. Public welfare over money- now under Mz Charo- Tuta, mukang pera, no care for public welfare.Pinababayaan mapanood ng mga bata ang bastos , manyak, wlang modong si Willie. Ang tagal na inaabuso ni Willie ang lahat- wlang ginagawa c MZ Charo. Nakakahiya kyo . Bka bumangon sa libingan nila sina EUgenio Sr. and Jr. Bkit mukang pera na ba kyo Mz Charo and assungots

  • http://www.hotmail.com Benigno Revillame

    Mayabang talaga yang willing yan. Nag babait baitan , marami ng taong nabulag niya akala ng mga tao laluna ang mahihirap ay mabait siya. Mayaman pa Si Manny Pacquiao pero hindi siya mayabang tulad ni willie. Dapat palitan na si Willi ni Pacquiao marami pang manonod dahil tapat si Pacman sa mg tao. Hindi tulad ni Willie na Balatkayo lahat ang ipinapakita. Naging daan na ang pagkakalibing sa dating Pangulong Cory Aquino para magising ang mga tao na mukhang pera si Willie. Wala kasing pinag-aralan kaya ganyan ang ugali.

  • http://none Eddie Munieto

    Willie should have confronted the management privately and not aired his comment on national television.

    This is a war between Willie and the management, and not with the Aquinos nor the public.

    Who is he to question the decision of the management to air the event. He is just a paid talent and not a part of the management.

    Willie should remember that no one is indispensable in this world.
    Nakita naman natin ngayon na kayang gampanan ang role ni Willie ng mga naiwang staff — tulad ni Pokwang, Valerie, Mariel, etc.

    Masanay din ang mga tao sa pagkawala ni Willie.

    Para sa akin bumalik man siya ay okay, kung palitan siya ng iba ay okay rin. No problem!

  • http://www.nc.rr.com Bernadette

    I am a Filipino currently residing in NC, USA, analyzing the whole incident it seems that it is not just Willie who is at fault with the situation, at first ABS -CBN should made the decision not to air wowowee in the first place instead air the late Pres. Corazon Aquino’s cortege and funeral . On t teh other hand Willie is a bit rude and he should have been more professional in expressing his feelings about the situation. I have TFC and I have noticed throughout time how his behavior change and sad to say I don’t even trust my child to watch wowowee by herself because of how he was very disrespectful and at times rude in the air, in addition to how all the dancers dress very inappropriately. Thanks to TFC Filipino shows are now shown internationaly but please make us Filipinos abroad be proud of our Filipino heritage minsan nakakahiya naman po.If teh intent of Wowowee’e sponsors and ABS-CBN is to help the poor and common people, why not divert your funding to a better project that will benefit everybody and not just a few people something that will empower people boast their self esteeem intead of doing a short cut by winning a silly game on television.

  • anthony

    I am overwhealmed by the amount of retards crawling in here about this matter. This guy helps alot of people and what you see on tv is what you get. He say what he wants whenever he wants. Whatever he said doesnt make him right or wrong, Everything around you may offend you even if its said directly or indirectly. Thats just how he is. LIVE WITH IT. You dislike him because you retarded poor deadbeats think like goldfish. Have you guys ever found out how much people were exploiting michael jacksons death? how tv ratings grew because of this? what a total joke. same thing here. Was willie being rude? NO you stupid 5th grade graduates.

    It was the networks fault for even not having a sense to even realize that it may be improper to play a funeral along with the show.

    Now, Do I Like the shows host? sometimes, I like the show because of the chicks that shake their money makers and sometimes the show have good episodes (willie of fortune). Makes me remember where I came from of how tough life was… is…

    Thanks alot stupid morons to further turn this world to retarded.
    He stands by what he believes and what he thinks. say whatever he thinks needs to be said even if it maybe right or wrong. on or off air. What he said doesnt make him arrogant or make him wrong. There are countless ways to say something and thats how he said it. if it brought discomfort around your anal cavity then thats your problem.

    Some things needs to be put in moderation…..


    ……showing funeral highlights on a TV show where a dozen of chicks are dancing half naked with belly buttons showing. songs played while the funeral is being shown really do match and actually do help the network sh*t out more ratings. ..congratulations

    That is why some people are going straight to hell….

  • Savannah

    he is right or wrong …

    things had said

    but he should do … do it off air … or at least say in nice manner or nice voice … not YELLING that he thinks he is GOD … it is both the management and the host itself not so AIRHEAD … he says it in ANGRY MANNER …



    the host right now are doing great … and people got a chance to meet different actors and actresses as they get guest co-host … it is better that way …



    or maybe mastigas pa

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  • Chris

    For me Willie deserves what happened to him. I do watch his show if I have the time and my wife laughs on most of his jokes, but his attitude sometimes is not nice. I agree to most comments that “MALAKI NA ULO” ni Willie. Willie earns a lot of money – that is because a lot of viewers watch his show.

    My question to a lot of people, do you really believe that Willie cares about the poor people. Have you noticed how Willie treats his staff, or other guest from his show? For me Willie is just showing how generous he is for the poor because in return he earns millions of pesos a week by doing it.

    • http://www.kevinpaquet.com Kevin Paquet

      That is a very strong point that you’ve come up with and I have to say, that to a certain extend, I agree with you on this.

  • EDNA

    yes ,I agree with most of what the peaple say,Mr. Willie is arrogant and no manners,and no etiquete too.HE SCOLDS HIS co workers in front of everyone is very bad .He also embarrassed a lot of his co worker,example,Mr.Owen,Benton and and many more that he had embarrased,ABS- CBN should not tolerated this.I do not like also that they let go of JANNEL JAMER,,my freinds and family loves her,plus she is the original co-host there ,,ABS- CBN should offer the hosting job to her .I bet she can do it better than WILLIE.REVILLAME.THANK YOU.

  • violet

    Please bring back Ms JANNNEL back to wowowee, thanks


    It is true that Mr . Willie Revillame helps a lot of poor peaple and I love him for that, but I don't like it when He scolds his co-worker on the show in front of publick,He should know that He can not run the show by himself,I he will be more sensitives to others when he comes back.

  • http://chimpangcoy@yahoo.com chimpangcoy

    dapat kay willy itali siya puno ng saging tapos yung bunganga niya lagyan ng honey para dumugin ng mga langgam para mawala na yung marurumi salita na lumalabas sa kanya.

    • http://iamgelicutie.blogspot.com gelicutie

      lol tama k jan. super offensive jokes nia kabastusan. tama nga c joey de leon. anu un show nia? beerhouse or noontime show? aba habaan nman ang saplot ng mga dancers sna! haha buti kun sexy dance? maharot eh as in malaswa. may mga bata nanu2od oi!

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