Hot and Spicey Update from Pinoy Teens Online

Let’s get started.

Pinoy Teens Online is flying on cloud nine right now, but nah, I don’t feel like celebrating it. There has always been something wrong with this blog that has touched me emotionally, while everything else seems to work out really perfectly.  So, let’s set aside those moody emotions of mine and move deeper into what has happened these past few days on Pinoy Teens Online.

Traffic first.

This blog, yes, I’m talking about this blog had a traffic spike of 61,000 visitors on May 3, which was the day when Manny Pacquiao demolished Ricky Hatton inside the ring. It’s something really amazing which I’ll be talking about later with you.

But let’s head to a bigger picture:

Traffic Stats

Our Traffic

As you can see in that picture, we’re currently receiving an average of 8,000 visitors for the month of May due to the huge traffic spike and hold on to a all-time-high 1,900 average hits per day for the year 2009 in contrast to the very low slightly above 1,000 mark we had in average in 2008. The traffic could have never been better, and it’s yet half through May, we assume to hit the 100,000 mark for this month before it ends.

Money Money Money

We devoured three money making posts on this blog already, two of which might have been very notable while the other looks to be a little bit more deceiving, those articles have cashed in 45 in total for us, like 15 per post; and that in U.S Dollars.

We also received donations from the people who have made use of our SopCast player hawt tip on how to watch Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton live, which sums up to 30 U.S Dollars. It makes us really feel good whenever we can help people in need, and the touching story of some of our readers that time seems to be worth all the hard work to get our blog on top for a certain key phrase.

Adbrite has also been on it’s highest notes, a check worth 30 U.S Dollar is on it’s way here, while there are still 40 U.S Dollar still awaiting to mature. But what has really gained much attention in the blogoshpere, even on the blog herald, and on a known Filipino forum, was our AdSense performance which was beyond expectation exceeding all our set goals.

Our Adsense

Our Adsense

There you have it, a huge fat 500+ earnings in adsense with still half to go of this month, that’s due to the 350 USD one day earning that we made from the Pacquiao fight.

That’s not all, let’s go to comments.

Comments has been quite low, but I can’t deny the fact that we’ve got 800 comments on one article this month that leaves us with no complaints at all.

What’s still ahead of us?

The sub blogs are cooling down again, I’m beginning to be lazy as the school year is about to start, just a little information to everyone who has been asking, yes, I am an Atenean to be this school year 2009-2010 for Information Technology :)

ps: One last thing that has been worrying me is our stand with Technorati :(
  • Princess Quin

    YaY. Ultra good performance nanaman para sa atin, let’s keep it up and get our Technorati rank to work again.

    • Kevin Paquet

      You forgot to welcome me back to the BLUES haha. *naalala ang chelC haha*

  • Joseph

    You’re doing well, we’re doing well. Pero hands down to the nice SEO game plan you prepared.

  • Ieyel

    Wow congratulations to pinoyteens. So many traffics and money and i think i can’t make it to my blog i magine 60,000 a month, gahd!

  • John

    Impossible. I mean, incredible for a teen like you to achieve this, I salute you for this. And your plans of changing, better think again, you’ve built up a nice blog here and it just cries for more of your attention.

    Congratulations to the whole staff of this blog that I have been observing for some time already, all I can say is, WOW.

  • Uncle Jason

    grabe man di kag kwarta sa imohang website dong panhatag pang tuba diha mag selebrate ta dri sa amoa

  • Dee

    This is one heck of a successful blog. HAHA! :)) Keep it up.

    By the way. Thanks for commenting, and yeah. Hindi SP ung post ko about the BB Cream. 😀

  • marrahjanine

    Nice one! keep it up pinoyteens…:D

  • Izy Mae


    • Kevin Paquet

      and this of course, still remains my motto 😀

  • Weezie23

    Blog hop 😀 I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  • Kaye

    Rebuttal? Good luck.
    And wow, what a good blog this has become from the poor forum it was before. MABUHAY nga ang KABATAANG PINOY, ika nga ni Izy Mae.

    • Kevin Paquet

      ang cute. forum. that have been days.. hahay..

  • Chiui

    WOW! That’s a huge amout of money on Adsense. LOL! Congrats. :3

  • hannah

    wow. cool. that’s really plenty of visitors! it didn’t even reach like 1/4 of my blog’s total number of visits :)) hahaha. and also, that’s really some huge money. cool! B)

    btw, i have linked you already :) tc!

  • Nikki

    Promise. It’s really not obvious na ganito na pala kalakas ang Pinoy Teens.I know that is what is irritating you Kevin, but many people envy you for this.

    • Princess Quin

      ayaw manlibre ni Kevin.. I envy him too. aww.. haha.. asan kaya siya ngaung araw?

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  • Lois

    Wow. congrats kev! Uber successful na tong blog mo 😛 and ohh, atenista ka na ulit. XD

    • Kevin Paquet

      One of the not frequent visitors who mentioned me being a Atenean again. Haha.Lol. Thanks for dropping by added you to my links by the way.

  • MiRZZZ

    hEy kevin..
    nice ang lakas talaga ng pinoy teens..
    daming infos and earning huh?
    continue mo lang yan..
    pa-burger ka nman 😛

  • meiyah

    wow… as in wow! in one day 350 usd??!! pacquiao = money… lolz… i made my post about it a few days before the fight, ala halos traffic from it… anyways, congrats and more power! burger2! lolz…

  • junelle

    Wow, Kevin congrats! I am sure, you’ll be tapped to speak again sa MBS 3 to share about your success. Keep up the good work, Sus may ka pa maunhan jud ko nimo og kadato ba. hehehe..

  • shelo

    wow kevin congrats.. ang galing mo napahanga mo ako… goodjob.. cguro namn mag pa burger na yan oy…pero sa totoo lng galing mo… gogogo pinoy teen…..

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  • Vincent Isles

    Congrats Bay!

  • Marvin

    Impossible. I mean, great. Galing mo talaga Kevin! Kayang kaya mo yan, sana mabigyan ka ng slot sa next events to talk about your success!

  • ark

    Wow, grabe ang galing naman nitong site mo. Keep up the good work!

  • bendz

    Ooohhhh. Did I see money?? Whew!

    Ad placements really make a big diff, no?

    Had mine optimized about 4 weeks ago and I’m earning more even with low paying keywords.

  • mark

    whoa……that was great….17 yrs old??
    all i can say is whoa!!!!!!!
    keep it up…
    anyway how to make my own blogsite????

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  • Jobs in Qatar and Dubai

    Nice job Kevin. It will inspire lots of filipino bloggers and ang mga OFW na tulad namin. It just shows na basta atama ang diskarte mo pwede kang mag earn kahit nasa bahay ka lang.

  • Tyrone | Millionaire Acts

    Ang galing mo naman KEVIN! Nice job! I hope I can get that huge amount in adsense too.

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  • Alexander Faris

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