Devina DeDiva racist comments against Pinays

Megan Young won the Miss World 2013 crown, that’s a fact. Another fact is, that there’s a girl running around the world wide web going by the name Devina DeDiva leaving racist comments against Filipinas/Filipinos and our dear titleholder Megan Young.

Dear Devina DeDiva. I don’t know where you get the guts to generalize us, the Philippines in just harsh and racist manner. If I had it my way, f**k you Devina DeDevia for those uncalled for remarks against my countrymen.

She considers us Filipinos/Filipinas a smelly folk, uneducated and unprivileged. Geez. Guess who’s acting ‘educated’ here.

Summary of Devina DeDiva racist comments

Summary of Devina DeDiva racist comments

Here’s the actual racist thread against Filipinos/Filipinas that she, Devina DeDiva started on her Facebook timeline.

Racist Comments of Devina DeDiva against Filipinos

Racist Comments of Devina DeDiva against Filipinos

Devina DeDiva Racist Comments

Devina DeDiva Racist Comments

  • Fred Bouwman

    It is quite amusing when she said she won a title and that for some reason that gives her the right to say racist comments. Besides, if you look at Devina’s picture, it’s pretty obvious that she has never won a beauty contest.

    What a small minded and racist woman, shame on you Devina.

  • B i A n C a

    who does she think she is?? eck!! my goodness! She just insulted me. What an ignorant lady. In fact, she doesn’t deserve to be called a lady…so unladylike! >:(

  • John Bell

    This is the oroginal FB account of the racist person:

  • jian20

    If im not mistaken, shes from Singapore and some Singaporeans really hate Filipina’s. But that still doesn’t give her a license to generalize all Filipina’s. WE have Filipinas who excel in their own field and far better educated than that pig.

  • Bea Almoite

    Fucking Racist.

  • yoohnis

    Let’s just pray for her to come to her senses that what she has done was wrong.

  • Ces7240

    Shame on her.. She really dont know how to hide her insecurities.. One thing is for sure.. Shes really UGLY outside and inside.

  • michael

    hideous! cla nga ang dadami at ang babaho don sa little india nla!

  • michael

    hideous! cla nga ang dadami at ang babaho don sa little india nla!

  • Vicky

    Who cares what she says, it is seen on the comment trail that more people are sensible – she is but one person we will see those every now and then… and people, do not counter her stupidity by being stupid yourself discriminating against other races or assuming where she comes from… take the higher road! Filipinos are not perfect, no race is.

  • Alvin Labios

    Fuck the stinky fucking monkey-looking whore with real name Divina Sharwa! She is only good as SHIT.

  • Tsada Speaks

    Whatever she says, Megan has been crowned. She must have envied Megan to death. She can’t even pass any pageant audition. Poor Devina, there is not a single divinity in your system.

    • jean

      shes a fuckin idiotic tsupakabra………face is like a ghost…….I don’t bother about what she says, what bothers me is her face like a witch sucking blood…….you are just jealous fuckin woman……..yes Filipina cleaning toilet because we doesn’t want dirty we want to be clean….

  • Ian Ian Ni

    pinays are humble and honest??? #JokeOfTheCentury

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