After all the screening conducted to get our featured teen feature back on track, I personally decided to have our head administrator Kevin Paquet as the Kevin PaquetFeatured Teen of the Moment due to a couple of reasons that make him an outstanding online personnel for his age.

But it’s not only his unflagging success through the world wide web that unfolds his true potential which a lot of people don’t see via his transparent personality at school, but his character in specific. Kevin Paquet is a good friend, a very good friend, one of the best best friends that someone could wish for, and it makes him a nice example for everyone.

“If a friend of mine commits a mistake, I let them know, if it’s a severe mistake, I charge them in a harsh way so that they can learn from it”, says Kevin. And adds “The funny thing about true friends is that they often see the negative characteristics of a person and emphasize these, but they do that for the best of intentions; for them to change”.

Kevin Paquet lives apart from both his Biological Mother and Father, and Kevin with the Tiger Looknot to forget his biological sister and brother who are all living in Cebu as I’m writing this. The last time they’ve met was more than a decade says he, which can be converted to 6 years in real life. But despite the fact that he has been raised away from both parties, he was lucky to get well educated outside of the Philippines, in Germany and bbe raised by a good and loving Family, which is his present family right now.

“I used to dream big, but achieve less”, says he. “I never managed to get what I wanted, I was a failure all throughout my childhood, in the eyes of almost everyone I knew, but not in the eyes of the very few true friends that I cherish everyday.”

Just like a lot of Teenagers of the present day generation, he was someone with big dreams, but did just not knew how to reach them, as he has finally found his inspiration, just a couple of weeks after the big downfall.

“My tasks to fail in anything and everything in my life continued, until the very hour I got my ass kicked from my beloved Ateneo de Davao, I know it was my mistake, I know it was me who disobeyed my parents that time, but without the enormous torment that I felt that time, I would never have come to the idea to create a website, a Philippine Teen Site, with the objective to guide other Teenagers not to be like me.”Blogger WordPress Blogger Sandwhich

He was able to create a teen site that has come very far on it’s first year, recognitions from all sides and corners and applause from occassion to occasion, he succeeded in the creation of a Philippine Teen Site that has touched the life of others, but did Pinoy Teens touch people the way he expected them to be touched?

“I know, I still haven’t achieved what I really wanted, touching the Teens the way I want them to touch, changing their lifestyle and everything, it’ll take me more time toMatt Mullenweg and Kevin Paquet concentrate writing about things like that, but with Teen Philippines, I’m confident that I, with my crew can do it.”

Besides the online success that he is celebrating day in and day out, he is also a good poet, and every now and then, he is able to keep people updated about his creative writings via his poetry blog which also had it’s days back then; being nominated for Special Interest and entering the Semis in the Candy Mag Blog Awards 2008, and that just in the opening months of the blog.

Kevin isn’t a sporty teen like many other male teens are, but he does loves one sport so much, which is Soccer. And his favorite Team from the far European Continent is the Blues, F.C Chelsea.

He might not have the looks a lot of girls are craving for, and me might look quite geeky and weird at the first glance, but knowing him better opens up a totally new “him”, a Kevin which can be loved by anyone.

“What would you do with a guy that looks good, but isn’t totally yours?”

People call him the Son of Mr WordPress. Because of his never ending support to the WordPress Community in his own small means and ways, I wonder how many people he was able to convert to WordPress already, and how many have come to understand what WordPress is all about after his decent lecture at the Software Freedom Day 2008. One thing that has really made me laugh was when someone asked him: “You’re getting paid for every Blogspot User that you can convince to use WordPress noh?”, a crazy question to which answer is a big no.