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Welcome to Pinoy Teens 2015!

Howdy! Welcome to the 2015 redesign/relaunch of Pinoy Teens. It’s been a while since I focused on blogging, but now I’m here, now I’m back. Once again, this is Pinoy Teens. One of Philippines first Youth Blogs.

Pinoy Teens has been up and running since June 2007. We had our ups and downs, but as of now, we sport the following statistics of having over





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Buying an Old House: The Benefits and Drawbacks

Buying an Old House: The Benefits and Drawbacks

Sometimes buying a brand new house is just out of the question. First-time homeowners won’t always have the money to buy the house of their dreams. Sometimes we are left with no other choice but to buy an older, much cheaper option as our first house. There are so...

Smiling Could Help Your Athletic Performance

A smile is a natural reflex that enables your brain to receive mood-improving chemicals which improve even the grumpiest of moods. In many cases, smiling happens unconsciously. But, as it turns out, whether fake or not, a grin on your face may be your secret tool for...

How to get and stay in the zone

How to get and stay in the zone

How to get and stay in the zone The word ‘flow’ to mean extended periods of concentration has been something a lot more people are hoping to attain. Challenges, however, get into the way of that. From the loud laughter of that colleague you don’t like to your boss...

Writers of Pinoy Teens

Georg Kevin Paquet

Georg Kevin Paquet

Lead Contributor

I.T whizz. Football fanatic. Esports enthusiast. Gamer. Frustrated writer. Old-school Blogger (since 2007).

Semarfe Dela Cruz

Semarfe Dela Cruz

Lead Contributor

English Literature Major. Bookworm. Moviegoer. Couchpotato. Traveler. Tiny woman with a huge appetite.

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We are Pinoy Teens, one of Philippine’s first when it comes to entertaining, informative and educative content.

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Our goal is to deliver the best, most accurate and objective point of view on the latest issues and events happening, unless otherwise stated beforehand.

Truthful Reporting

Whatever comes out from our mouth can’t be bought. We can’t be bought. We believe in truthful reporting, hiding from you nothing.

Dynamic Community

We adjust as the tides change. Pinoy Teens will adjust to the changes as they come in order to stay relevant and interesting to our audience.

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