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First off, thank you for visiting us. I know, you read that we’re more than just a blog, and that’s exactly what I want to explain to you here.

Pinoy Teens as a source of information.

There is just so much stuff that gets posted on Pinoy Teens, so much that we cannot accommodate them all on the frontpage. That’s why we decided to properly categorize everything and enhance our search feature at your disposal to find what you need or want to read. There’s so much more in store than the selected recent posts show.

In short, please utilize the categories found on the homepage or make use of the search feature located in our sidebar.

Pinoy Teens in the real world.

We exist not only in the online world, but in the offline, the real world as well… some of our writers are THAT good in what they do, that they are often invited to speak at several seminars or conferences. You can check “Everything PT” for all that – including our Project PTNM in which we go from school to school presenting Pinoy Teens New Media and talk about interesting stuff relevant to whoever our audience is.

In other words, I’m asking, do you want us to talk in your school? We could talk about blogging, social media, online advertising, et cetera. Just drop us an email. You might also want to sponsor our talks (and this website along with it).

Pinoy Teens with you on board.

Oh yes, did I say that we could need more people around? Whether you’re good in Tagalog or in English, it doesn’t matter – let us know right away if you want to become part of Pinoy Teens New Media. We’d love to have one buddy more in our ever-expanding team. We don’t require much, and hey, we don’t need you to master English or write flawless articles – we just need your commitment to the group. Ready?

In other words, you’ve finished reading this post…. so you must be looking for something else, more than just content – you probably want to be part of our team, and we’re arms all open to accept you.

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