Happy Birthday!

Hey You!

You’ve reached this page because one of your friends greeted you on your special day with a link attached pointing this way.

Before I proceed with the greeting, there’s something else that I want to tell you which I hope you’ll read through…

Today is indeed a special day. Not only for yourself, but for the people who have accompanied you in your life. Today is a day on which you’re not the only one to be celebrated advancing a year in your life, but the people who have nortured you as well.

Pay your parents, guardians, family, friends and loved ones the respect and love that they deserve. Thank them for everything they’ve given you up to now. Forgive your enemies, too…

Above all of these, don’t forget your creator from up above for without him, nothing would exist…

You’re going to be a year older now… Are you headed towards the right direction in your life? Are you having a healthy relationship with the people around you? Year after year you make and break friendships… relationships… Each year you’ll have your ups and downs… Are you proud of what you have become so far? Before this day ends, I hope you’ll consider the questions I noted for you above. I wish you a happy life and of course…

A Happy Birthday!

Good Luck, and God Bless you.
Your Pinoy Teens Online Family,


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