Willie Revillame suspended?!

Mr. Wowowee himself got into trouble during the aired Wowowee show on Cory Aquino’s Funeral. It is uncertain whether the show along with Willie Revillame has been suspended or whether he just needs some time for himself, what we know about is that Revillame is not to be seen on any episode of ABS-CBN’s popular noon time show Wowowee. Hundreds of Online Users reacted negatively to his plead to have the live broadcast of the Cory Aquino Funeral to be removed during his show or have the show stopped and watch the funeral instead, as according to him, it is very difficult to be happy when seeing the coffin of the late President Aquino. Willie was asked to leave for an indefinite time by Monday but disappeared since the Saturday broadcast of the said noon-time show. We are not certain whether he will return or how the future of his show will be like in the next couple of days.

Most especially after the numerous online petitions going on to have the show stopped. Again, he has not been directly suspended, but from what we can deduce about the Willie Revillame indefinite leave from the show, it is like he has been suspended. He might have been suspended, but he left earlier than asked which leaves us puzzled about this issue and certain other aspects.

Why Boycott Wowowee and Suspend Willie?

A lot have been asking this question. Even I, most especially people who sympathize for Willie’s dear reaction of choosing (I don’t sympathize him nor otherwise), whether to have the show going or have the funeral going on National Television, but not both at the same time. Personally, it was a good choice that he has voiced out his concern there, for ABS CBN to pick one of the two options, since it is really not that nice to watch a happy show knowing that one very influential women to the Philippines, if not to the whole world in terms of delivering enhanced aspects to democracy passed away. I can’t quiet get why people are so insanely after the closure of the said show aired during noon.

Willie Revillame’s Mistake

ONE thing that might have raised the anger of the masses could be that Willie offered the choice to have either his show or the funeral aired on ABS CBN, when we could have insisted of running it instead and have Cory Aquino highlight or television shows for a few more additional hours of attention (I’m not saying she does not deserves it, because she truthfully does)


ON the other hand, I have to say that it was a bad idea that ABS aired the funeral alongside the happy show. I believe that it wasn’t Willie who paid the least respect to Cory Aquino but ABS-CBN for their crucial erroneous decision. The best thing that I could say about this move is it showcased their insensitivity and probable greed of money that they can make from Wowowee by airing it simultaneously being the faithful Cory Aquino Followers by having it sidelined on the television sets of people watching from home. Willie is right, it isn’t good to be happy seeing someone of such great influence who passed away dead in her coffin.

What is the deal about it?

Still I feel puzzled about the real deal behind it. People say Willie has become arrogant and is not worthy of all the attention he gets and all the viewers who watch his show, I’m not saying that more people should get hooked at noon watching him, but nevertheless do I support the said statement, there was nothing wrong with what he said, and if there was, I bet he let go of the words with no intention of harming anyone. If anyone encounters the same realization as I do, is a Wowowee Suspension still an option for you? Or would be rightful for Willie Revillame to be suspended?

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  • Chris

    For me Willie deserves what happened to him. I do watch his show if I have the time and my wife laughs on most of his jokes, but his attitude sometimes is not nice. I agree to most comments that “MALAKI NA ULO” ni Willie. Willie earns a lot of money – that is because a lot of viewers watch his show.

    My question to a lot of people, do you really believe that Willie cares about the poor people. Have you noticed how Willie treats his staff, or other guest from his show? For me Willie is just showing how generous he is for the poor because in return he earns millions of pesos a week by doing it.

    • http://www.kevinpaquet.com Kevin Paquet

      That is a very strong point that you’ve come up with and I have to say, that to a certain extend, I agree with you on this.

  • EDNA

    yes ,I agree with most of what the peaple say,Mr. Willie is arrogant and no manners,and no etiquete too.HE SCOLDS HIS co workers in front of everyone is very bad .He also embarrassed a lot of his co worker,example,Mr.Owen,Benton and and many more that he had embarrased,ABS- CBN should not tolerated this.I do not like also that they let go of JANNEL JAMER,,my freinds and family loves her,plus she is the original co-host there ,,ABS- CBN should offer the hosting job to her .I bet she can do it better than WILLIE.REVILLAME.THANK YOU.

  • violet

    Please bring back Ms JANNNEL back to wowowee, thanks


    It is true that Mr . Willie Revillame helps a lot of poor peaple and I love him for that, but I don't like it when He scolds his co-worker on the show in front of publick,He should know that He can not run the show by himself,I he will be more sensitives to others when he comes back.

  • http://chimpangcoy@yahoo.com chimpangcoy

    dapat kay willy itali siya puno ng saging tapos yung bunganga niya lagyan ng honey para dumugin ng mga langgam para mawala na yung marurumi salita na lumalabas sa kanya.

    • http://iamgelicutie.blogspot.com gelicutie

      lol tama k jan. super offensive jokes nia kabastusan. tama nga c joey de leon. anu un show nia? beerhouse or noontime show? aba habaan nman ang saplot ng mga dancers sna! haha buti kun sexy dance? maharot eh as in malaswa. may mga bata nanu2od oi!