Tricia makes moves on Jovic

Is this still normal? I mean, she is only a 14-year-aged girl. You can blame her for being still young and childish but Big Brother himself has said that he doesn’t want to hear excuses such as that anymore. Well, the way that Tricia Santos has been acting the past couple of weeks, or should I say from the very start of Teen Clash until this very minute isn’t normal; but rather unorthodox for a girl of her age. You can always leave excuses like there are teenagers of her same age who act worse. The point here is, she’s on national television and it’s there for everyone to see–not only in the Philippines but also for the people all around the world who availed of the live stream service for Teen Clash.

One of the latest issues here is Tricia making moves on Jovic who is the replacement for Eslove who got evicted for pointing a knife against Tricia (an act forbidden in the house). I really don’t get why there are still people defending this little girl and insisting that she is just being friendly. I wonder why she’s only friendly to good-looking people or to mostly guys in general?  I doubt that I can consider her being friendly to the other female housemates especially if we recall the incident where Tricia dissed Fretzie for not being good in English.

I can assure all pro-Tricias that not even 90% of all the haters are hating her because of insecurity but for other valid reasons. It even looks like Fretzie makes Tricia insecure because Fretzie has the guts and the good character as well.

P.S. Wake up guys. We are Filipinos. We are still somehow a country that is conservative in tradition. If you like Tricia for being flirty and agressive, magsolo kayo dyan. Nakakahiya. Ano ba? Gusto niya patunayan na malandi ang Filipina?

  • anne

    guyzzz….. i'm teen too and tricia is not a flirt just understand what she do in kuya's house……… okei……………

    • chinggay

      haha.. NORMAL teens with values dont act like that. take for example REBECCA, i think she's younger or the same age with tricia and yet tricia acts like one hell of a slut. I dont have anything against her it's just that I hate how she acts in the house…

    • http://.none ….ms..anonymous…

      ……uu nga hindi naman flirt c tricia but surely may mga tao na hndi lang cya gsto..dahil sa mga ipinakta nya sa hauz ni kuya…di ba????

      • http://musilla donnalyn

        hindi flirt alirn flirt yan kilala ko yan kapitbahay namnin yan????????????

    • gel

      tricia is flirt everyone knows that!!!!! and she is acting like a she is vip inside the house and a childish brat!!!!! SHE SHOULD BE EVICTED!!!

    • http://musilla donnalyn

      flirt yan

  • melody

    your article doesn't make sense at all. before you made this article, you should have make sure that all you are saying is true.
    ang kitid ng utak ng author nito! hindi mo pa nga kilala ang tao, nag judge ka na.
    ang mga taong tulad mo ang nakakahiya!

    • jesa030488

      alam nyo sa loob ng bahay gagawa lang ng moves c tricia malandi na pero ung iba di napapansin!!!!!!!1hay nku mga insecure lng tlgahhhhhhh

    • http://musilla donnalyn

      hindi kaba nahihiya sa sinasabi mo o siana sabi mo lang yan kasi ganyan karin flirt yan kilala ko yan kapitbahay namnin kasi yan ehh d namn ako sasalita kung d ko kilala

  • jane

    that's why it's called a blog because it's like an online journal,you wrtie your thoughts and you speak out. Everyone has an opinion guys, you can't blame the person for expressing his/her feelings. If you're not happy with what that person wrote,then write on your own blog how much you love and adore tricia. It's better to speak your mind than to be a person that cannot speak up.

    • Tricia Mae

      oo nga.. blog nga to. we can express our feelings through this. but she wrote an article being so judgmental. nasabi pa nya na pinatunayan ni Tricia na malandi ang Filipina? is she out of her mind? why? she judged Tricia which is her fellow Filipina. malandi, hindi normal sa edad na katorse at iba pa! hindi ba niya binasa and article nya? edi pinatunayan ng nagsulat nito na JUDGMENTAL and mga PINOY? hello! gumising kanga! hindi ako maka-Tricia pero wag mo namang laitin ang tao. the purpose of the Big Brother House is to show the different attitudes of Pinoys. Tricia is showing her true personality. she is being friendly in a way that she knows, that different to others! may kanya kanya kaya tayong pamamaraan ng pakikiagkaibigan! hindi ako galit, nagpapaliwanag lang.

      • hindi mkaintin yung

        di kaq maintindi no? Blog nya 'to and he has the write whatever he wants to. wala kang karapatang magreklamo. gumawa ka ng blog mo at magsulat ka ng kung anong gusto mo.

      • Monz Avenue

        i am not a pro-tricia but let me correct your mindset. having your own blog does not entitle you or give you the right to embarrass or belittle other people. u have to be responsible for whatever you say.

        ika nga, Life Is An Echo What you send out – comes back. What you sow – you reap. What you give – you get. So if someone posts something offensive to other person or to his/her supporters you can expect that you'll reap violent reactions as well.

  • Raf_cute

    "Everyone has an opinion guys, you can’t blame the person for expressing his/her feelings". Yes it is true. Everyone can have his/her opinion. But the way the blog was being written is not a form of opinion anymore. It is an insult to Tricia. And if you give an opinion make sure that you could not deteriorate one's dignity. If there is somebody who will goin' to accuse you out misinterpretation of your action and to the extent deteriorating your dignity, how would you feel?
    Again it is not wrong to give opinion but set also limitations. Your rights of freedom of expression is NOT ABSOLUTE. Do not be unfair. I hope before giving any judgment, try to put your shoes to the person you are accusing.
    Your blog could be read by all people in the entire world. Gusto mo ba makilala ang Filipino of being Judgmental???

  • F.E.

    I find it rather absurd that Tricia is being criticized in the premise that she is someone whom other nationalities would gain an intuitive impression of Filipinas. She's not the only (teenaged) Filipina on national TV, mind you. Chances are, the non-Filipino viewers you are so concerned about don't even give a rat's arse whether she is making advances on teenaged boys inside the PBB house. Flirting is a common form of social interaction that occurs cross-culturally. A person will engage in the said activity at one point of his or her life.

    If Tricia's acts offend your conservative sensibilties, fine. But this article simply reeks of unhealthy hatred for someone you are not even personally acquainted to. It's unnecessarily brash. There could've been better ways to voice out "issues" you have against the individual in question.

  • Nicole

    I'm amazed at how people make so much effort to generate hate against other people. Yes, that Tricia girl is 14 and she's flirting. But dont you think its too huge a leap to consider that it Filipina women, as a whole, would be generalized by the actions of a teenage girl, in a reality show?

    And contrary to popular belief dear Author, we Filipinos are awake. We spend our time working and making money to provide better education for our children, we help out charities and entertain people at the home of the aged, among other things. We do not spend our time writing unnecessary articles just because it behooves us to condemn a teenage girl.

    And about your postscript, "conservative in tradition"? I'm sorry but this is the type of mentality that keeps this country in the Middle Ages. You can do so much more with your time.

  • krizza

    yes i agree!! though tricia is physically perfect. she missed a lot of good moral character in terms of pakikisama :DD . i'd rather choose fritzie than tricia. :DD

  • BabylizaMarcelo

    I have a lot of rich friends and they acted like tricia…its not flirty…its because they lived on a well riched fmily and everythin is fine even do its unusuall…what u can do if shes like that…rmmber ds u nver hold someones neck..otherwise b4 u do it a spit over on u…..Dont do unto with others what u dont want others do unto you….Thanks…Im not angry just said my opinion…

  • Katie

    I for one thinks that this article is not really an insult,but merely a type of criticism.I mean, you guys shouldn't say that to the author because like what others said,she's voicing out her opinion and what she sees in that "teenage girl".I'm not saying that flirting is bad, but in tricia's case, it's like she wants the attention of everyone.And of course it is possible that someone could generalize this kind of personality on all the filipinas because it is in fact a "reality show" (emphasis on the reality show)..
    Well that is my opinion and for me, there's nothing wrong with writing a blog like these.

  • iLOVEtricia

    That's Tricia, and I understand her. And i just want to correct you, I like Tricia not because of she being flirt or aggressive. I LIKE HER BECAUSE OF THE THINGS I CAN SEE FROM HER WHOM THOSE HATERS FAILED TO SEE.

    P.S. Wake up guys. We are Filipinos. We are still somehow a country that is conservative in tradition. If you like Tricia for being flirty and aggressive, magsolo kayo dyan. Nakakahiya. Ano ba? Gusto niya patunayan na malandi ang Filipina? – This ruined everything in your blog. I pity you. And please, stop saying that we're blinded by Tricia's beauty or by any of her physical aspect. One thing more, there's no reason of being ashamed of being Filipino. I'm proud to be one and it doesn't matter if Tricia is a Filipino. Actually, I got embarrassed to be one because of you.

    You should be the one to wake up. Tanghali na!

  • Gem

    From the author: If you like Tricia for being flirty and agressive, magsolo kayo dyan. Nakakahiya. Ano ba? Gusto niya patunayan na malandi ang Filipina.

    Hindi naman porket malandi si Tricia, e malandi na rin tayong mga Filipina. Oo, gusto ko siya pero syempre alam ko na may mali rin siya. Tao lang din siya na may mga flaws. Bata pa siya at may pagasa pa siyang magbago. Kung sa tingin mong siya na ang pinaka malanding babaeng nakilala mo, pano pa yung mga batang maaga nagbubuntis? Buksan mo ang iyong mga mata, para makita mo na marami jan sa tabi-tabi na mas malala pa kay Tricia.

  • Chelsea

    I think tricia HAS to move out of the house ASAP. I agree with Shey and anyone else who thinks she's too flirty. She has been nominated a couple of times meaning big brother himself wants her to move out. I personally think this article is true. She's too sensitive and flirty. I think she shouldn't have joined,she's too young too join in PBB.

  • real_pinay

    That's perfect! I agree! Nice blog. Ang pinapakita ni tricia sa buong mundo ay puro kalandian. Nakakahiya na talaga mga teens ngayon. Kaya tayo tinitake advantage ng mga foreigner eh kasi pati yung teens ngayon eh malalandi na. You can't blame the guys. that's what they like most, yung EASY to GET! hahaiz… kawawa ang mga pinoy.

  • tristfire

    i think this blog is an insult to the highest level on tricia and not a criticism anymore!!!wake up guys, can you not distinguish criticism from an insult…actually this is more of an attack to the person's whole being…everything that being stated here is too much, how could you degrade her!!!she's only fourteen and she's still a lot of things to learn!!!may be, that's the very reason why most of the voting population of PBB teen voted for her because they want change…they wanted her to change!!! i pity you, your envious personality might someday pull you down!!! wag mong masyadong ipakita ang mentalidad mong ala alimango!!! you know(the author), this form of criticism(that's what the author have said) is much abusive in its form!!!ur blog is full of hatred, almost every sentence you put in there is hate…tsk tsk

  • tristfire

    and by the way, this site promotes unhealthy criticism and insult people to the highest degree!!!this admin Kaye Quin is a certified hypocrite and a hater…your not a good example to the Filipino teens who visit this site!!!

  • Aira

    I think tama ang author nito. kc tricia is not setting a good example for everyone especially the young ones. hindi maganda na nakikita ng mga bata ang mga pinagagagawang mali ni tricia. anu sasabihin nila? tama pala un gagawin ko nga un ala naman plang masama ee. o ide napatunayan na nga ntin na filipina's are not that conservative enough. she's not setting a good example. sa lahat ng pro tricia maganada ang mag pa totoo sa sarili pero minsan marami kang dapat baguhin at improve sa sarili mong pagkatao para mahalin at magustuhan ka nang lahat

  • atheena


  • Sampat

    What??? Hindi malandi ang Filipina???

  • princess


  • AngeldusT

    why are people still supporting tricia?

    maybe because at one point of our life, we had experienced what tricia is going through right now. in our past we had been misunderstood by many… we we're judged unfairly… we had been a victim of back stabbing by people whom we thought our friends… we we're called flirt just because we wanted to get close to an opposite sex… these and more are the things that i could reason out why i felt pity for her. she might not be nicest person i know but i want to give her a chance. i want her to realise that there are some things that she needs to be change without judging her.

  • chinggay

    HAHAHA.. It's normal to flirt with the opposite sex because we are humans. But what Tricia is doing is far from the normal flirting done by teens her age. Let's picture it this way, I'm a teen and I'm 15 yrs. old, I have alot of guy friends nad I get along well with them. I dont just jump flirting with one guy from another, it's just not moral. You can't blame the other female housemates too, they must get turned off by Tricia's attitude because she doesn't show the interest to make friends with them. There is a BIG difference between being friendly and being a flirt.

  • chariz

    ang cute ni ivan

    • http://musilla donnalyn

      cute yan talag idol ko kasi yan ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ang gwapo??????

  • http://musilla donnalyn

    flirt yan c tricia bas maganda na lumabas na sa sa pbb kasi d naman sya bagay dyan ??????kasi flirt syaaaaaaaaaa

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