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Summer Slam 2010: The Marlou Aquino Basketball Clinics

Don’t want to be a bum this summer? Join SUMMER SLAM 2010: The Marlou Aquino Basketball Clinics and learn from one of the best PBA players how to dominate the court and play ball – for real.

Sports Blog: Chelsea at Camp Nuo

F.C Chelsea will be facing Barcelona at the Camp Nuo on 19:45, English Time. Read in-depth preview of the match and our predictiong of who will win on the sports blog of Pinoy Teens by clicking on the title of this article.

Pacquiao vs Hatton News: Pacman to beat Hatton

Manny Pacquiao is set to fight Ricky Hatton on May 1, 2009. Pacquiao is not the underdog in this boxing showdown anymore and people believe Pacquiao to knock out Ricky Hatton

Final Four Mini Blow Out

Are you a UAAP Men’s Basketball Fan who is in need of load? Go watch the Final Four Games and leave some comments to win load from us! UAAP 71 is so hot!

Premiere League Weekend: Liverpool on top!

Manchester United got beaten by Liverpool at Anfield, who are now leading in the Barclays Premiere League after a successful 2-1 victory.