The Post Modern Filipino Youth's View On Pre-Marital Sex

In a conservative country such as the Philippines, the view on pre-martial sex has been always something negative.  In a typical Filipino family, talking about sexual matters is even considered a taboo and the topic initiator in a household would most probably receive reprimand or scrutiny from the parents–even when we know that the parents could also have been deviant kids during their young adulthood years.

I have a friend who lives in this uncomfortable hypocritical situation.  She has 8 siblings of different ages and most of them are either adults or approaching adulthood.  Sexual intercourse being an object of human interest, never slips out of their topic bucket list among the siblingry.  Once their parents heard their discussions about sexual intercourse and the dominant speaker in that discussion received reprimand from their parents.  It was my friend.  Their parents went on a litany of things to be done before sexual intercourse and they even stated its limitations when it comes to age–that when you are as old as they are, you do not get to do it anymore because of blah blah blah about morality and shiz.

The ironic thing is that, their house helper always confides with them about the moans, groans and bed shrieks that she hears on some nights that their children aren’t at home.  What would moans, groans and bed shrieks imply, ladies and gentlemen?

This just proves that the idea of Filipinos when it comes to this primordial necessity of the human race is flawedly negative.  It is something always frowned on and disencouraged by our parents or by the adults in our society when in fact, they themselves do it.  Parents would disregard the ideas of hypocrisy just to instill that sexual intercourse before marriage is wrong.

I acknowledge the fact that there are so many negative repercussions of pre-marital sex.  One of the very apparent consequences of this forbidden act is the rising number of children who are bearing children.  Pre-marital sex is also considered tantamount to the possibilities of unprotected sex.  In effect, sexually transmitted infections can be acquired in the process.

But in the context of Filipino youths who are in long-term relationships with their partners, I believe that pre-marital intercourse should be at least accepted.  I used the term “accepted” because number one, such activity in long-term relationships are already inevitable and number two, even such activity in long-term relationships is still considered by the idealistic individuals as something bad and immoral.

I see a major advantage and benefit of pre-marital intercourse in long-term relationships.  Following common sense, long-term relationships are the kind that have the highest chances of tying the knot in the future.  These couples in the future, would live their own lives and contribute to the prolonging of the human species.  Following common sense again, married life is not all about procreation.  It is about a mutual bond that is consisted of mutual effort, love, respect and most especially, fidelity in able to work.  This is the commonly known mechanism of marriage.  Unknown to many, mutual chemistry in ALL ASPECTS is also needed to keep the fire going.  If a couple has stayed together for a long term, then chances are the chemistry is almost flawless.  One aspect that needs chemistry too is the chemistry in bed.

Many married couples in different countries file divorces and annulments due to sexual dissatisfaction and/or sexual uncompatibility.  Let me tell you that it has been statistically proven that through the years, an increasing number of women have been counting the said reasons as their rationale to terminate their marriages.  So this is enough proof that men are not the only gender wanting for great sex with their partners, women too.  Due to this, many families get broken and many children live in unbroken homes.  Some may shrug off this fact and contend that living in a broken home is something workable.  As a child development major, I beg to differ for it has been proven in many studies that children in broken homes tend to have many difficulties in growing up, social interaction and managing their own married lives in the future.  The effect of broken homes and of a broken marriage is irreversible and not everyone is lucky to be able to move on and start a new life afterwards.

Given this context, I say that pre-marital sex amongst long-term relationships have major benefits.  It is a way to test if two people are perfectly compatible when it comes to this department.  I know many people will raise their eyebrows on this for marriage is not merely about sex.  Yes, this may be true but sexual dissatisfaction is the number one cause of cheating between married couples.  It is human nature to seek for better options if you are dissatisfied with something.  We can see this in many aspects of daily living like food, clothing brand choice and even your shampoo choice.

Do not get me wrong, though.  Pre-martial sex for long-term couples is not like a trial and you will eventually dump the person if you feel that you are sexually incompatible.  It is not only a leeway for you to be able to do some spelunking and testing if you click.  For me, it is a venue for you to be able to work out together as a couple and be able to come up with something that you would mutually enjoy.  As you do it in perfect romantic occasions, you would be able to master each others’ preferences thus making your bond tighter and stronger.

For the religious ones who would say that pre-marital sex is putting a smear on your morality and being sinful to the Higher Power, I believe that God is more complex than your view of Him.  Pre-marital sex done with the right purposes fueled by passionate and unconditional love for another person is something that even God would understand.  If you believe that the Higher Being knows absolutely everything, then He would understand for He knows everything beyond the surface-level definitions of things.  Besides, I think God would prefer testing the waters first before causing a family’s wreck.

But of course, every person engaging into such activity must be responsible enough to be aware of the biological consequences of intercourse, and that is procreation.  For me it is justified to do it but if you are not yet married, do your best to perform protection methods that would never make your life harder.

As a member of the Filipino society or as part of the Filipino youth, what is your view on PMS?

  • qube

    ineng, nagawa mo na ba ang premarital sex? kung hindi pa eh hindi ka muna dapat magpayo kung hindi mo pa naeexplore ang mundong yan. kung nagawa mo naman, sige hintay ka lang. marerealize mo na tama ang mga magulang mo kapag overwhelming na ang pain mo. huli na kaya bago mo pa marealize un?

    • Clarissa

      Uhm excuse me? I wasn't giving any advice to anyone except when I stated that protection must be used. I don't think you should experience pre-marital sex first before you tell anyone to use protection. You do not need to be sexually active before you know the repercussions of unprotected intercourse.

      I was merely stating why people should be more accepting of it rather than condemning it. Since you were acting like you're an expert in this department, don't you think I'm even making you a favor by making this deed more accepting in the eyes of the Filipino society? Jeeze, I was trying to open the eyes of the youth still trapped in the discriminating walls of this conservative society. I hope before you try to badger on me, read it thoroughly first.

      • qube

        teens. tsk. tsk. tsk. keep it cool. :-)

    • Sneaka Twix

      You just proved her stand that sex and other matters related to it are still taboo to filipino families. In addition to what i said, let people make their own choices. The reason why people are growing dependent on others is because, people, like you, protect them to much from the world they would have to live in in the future. Let them explore the world, it's their's as well.

  • Jose Dennio Lim

    Hmmm.. By stating that God could possibly understand teens doing pre-marital sex is uhm.. blasphemous I think. :) Though I have to admit that I did it (this will be a shocker to my friends. :D), I still believe that God won’t tolerate such act.

    Sex is reserved for married couples and God even condemns those who engage in sex outside of marraige. Though I don’t have a particular verse in mind right now but I remembered the story of Sodom wherein I think it was Isaac’s family who went to that place and then men would want to have sex with Lot (please correct me if I’m wrong) and so because of that, the whole city was burned.

    On the other hand, I guess it is also wrong to state that pre-marital sex can be done with ‘the right purposes’. Yes I did it but it was something that I deeply regret. Though nothing bad had happened and though we did it out of our tremendous love for each other, something within me tells me that it is wrong.

    It could be partly blamed on my Catholic upbringing but I guess I came to realize that the youth have other great things to do other than to engage in sexual activities (including masturbation). As one Catholic preacher had said (Bo Sanchez), if we could only redirect our sexual energies into doing something wonderful for others, God and our country, then it would more worthwhile and more fulfilling rather than letting your desires and hormones to consume you in which only the two of you will feel satisfied.

    That would be too selfish if you cannot use up your energies that will be able to contribute something.

    I guess that would be a better advice rather than telling them to use protection or do it only if you have the ‘right purposes’. :) And I guess, that would be a much better ‘post-modern view too.’ :)

    Just an opinion. :)

    By the way, this is how I am trying to control my sexual urges too. Though I still fall back sometimes, life has never been this great for me though. :) I also urge your readers to do the same.

    • Clarissa

      So if God won't tolerate it, what is left for people who have committed pre-marital intercourse? This is something that I would wish to know since in your argument, you make God seem like a very authoritative being that would not understand. I think I was not encouraging people to do it because God will forgive them, anyway. What I did was I brought a new approach with regards to it in the context of people in long term relationships (please take not of this hehe) because often times, people frown on the idea of pre-marital intercourse and neglect the possibility that the act was done for a certain purpose and that is to test your compatibility.

      If you were upbrought in the proper Catholic belief, I do not think that you should regret what you have done until now. Forgiveness from God is not earned through regret. Same as God's love, forgiveness is a given and something that you should just embrace for you to feel better. In the Bible, there have been so many instances wherein God's unconditional forgiveness and love have been manifested. Starting from the Book of Genesis wherein God put a mark on Cain for him to be safe from harm despite killing his brother is one manifestation of God's continuous support and love despite what His people do. Another instance would be when God sewn garments for Adam and Eve when malice suddenly struck them despite them disobeying Him by eating the forbidden fruit. Of course, the story of Adam and Eve did not really happen in real life. It is a myth, a way of representation of the Hebrew writers to illustrate God's nature to the people. However, I know that you know that there are more redemption stories in the Bible which are sending the same message that the 2 said stories are sending.

      So yeah! 😀

      • Jose Dennio Lim

        Hi! Thanks for that nice reply. :) Allow me to reply to your points raised. :)

        I have to apologize for not being able to expound my points in my previous comment since I was a little bit sleepy that time when I got the chance to see your post.

        Yes, I really to have agree with you that God is indeed forgiving and ever-loving. But just like what He had shown in several instances in the Bible, God becomes angry at us too not because of who we are but of the act that we did. it is the act that he does not tolerate – not who did it. Because just like what you've said, God loves us so much that he is willing to give everything, like his only Son, so that we will be redeemed from sin.

        But I am sticking to my earlier statement that you seem to be somehow promoting it and giving people, especially the teens new reasons on how they can justify their act of doing PMS.

        That is what I would like to clarify since you have pointed out that these are 'justifications' for people engaged in long-term relationships, how do you define a 'long-term relationship' and how can you tell if indeed the two of you are ready to engage in the act even if you are not yet married.

        Actually, I'm quite disturbed by somehow reiterating that it is one great way to test if you are indeed a hundred percent compatible. Though you said that if you discovered that the both of you are nor compatible in this aspect, couples may work out on this. isn't that plain stupid to be like hamsters being experimented if the drug is effective?

        I would also like to point out that I believe, couples who had been together for so long are much more immune to lustful desires or even thinking about sex – even if they both love each other.

        Why? Because they have found better ways of expressing their love for each other even if they are not doing it. I also do believe that even after getting married, they did it and found out something not right about it, they won't simply break up or dissolve their marriage because of that because like what I've said, they can find ways to bridge their differences.

        PMS is very much attractive to those who are immature – especially those teens who cannot control their raging hormones.

        That's why I am trying to tell here that sexual energies are actually gifts of God because once teens used it in ways not related to sex, they would be able to do much greater things in life and accomplish things that they may not be able to do once they get older.

        Regarding the regrets that I had been feeling ever since, it is an essential part of me to constantly remind me that such act had only wasted my life and that God expects me to do more rather than engaging in pre-marital sex. Though I feel and believe that God has forgiven me, I am perpetually indebted to him and my regret will constantly remind me to do things that God would want me to do.

        Saka di naman ako nag-enjoy talaga dun, haha.. 😀 Naniniwala din ako sa iba na ginagawa un na wala silang nararamdaman na pangmatagalang kaligayahan dun. Lahat ay pansamantala. Iba kapag may ginagawa para sa iba. Habambuhay ang kaligayahang dulot sa atin. :)

        • Clarissa

          Adults, not teens. Get the context, please. Long term relationship = there is a presumed idea that these are people who are already in mid to late 20s. You hardly see people in long term relationships who are younger than that. If you do, then it's good.

          Well to be frank, and I hope you would not take offense in this because this is true… your points are nice but they seem to be just nice in paper. These are really nice idealistic thoughts but these are not things you would see in reality anymore.

          Dear, over 60 percent of divorce and annulment and broken families happen because of sexual incompatibilities. You have to understand that if you are married, you are more kampante already. Meaning, if ever your partner wants you to be doing this kind of technique to give him pleasure in bed and you don't seem to really like it because you think it is gross or what have you, you won't really do it. What for? You guys are married and you are practically stuck. This is how psychology works for most of the women out there. You have to understand that there are things you would discover only when you get married. As human beings, people can be not always contented and would seek for other venues to project this want and this is where cheating happens.

          My point in the article is plain and simple and trust me, I am not a slut or a whore just because I wrote something like this. I am slowly getting a bad implication in your comments hehehehe. Anyway, I just wanted to bring a positive perspective when it comes to pre-marital sex. It has always been negative. We don't need to condemn these people. We have to understand them. Because of the society's stigma on pre-marital sex, many people do not open up and feel so lowly of themselves. Too much scrutiny creates a sick society little by little.

          • dhenz

            kung nauunawaan mo ang ibig sabihin ng diyos alam mo ang tama..haha

  • James

    Wow this article sounds very controversial. I as a reader respect your opinion about pre-marital sex and stuff, although I see it as very western.

    Just to clear things out, you said that parents condemn pre-marital sex, but they also do have sex. Of course they may have sex because they're married! They have all the rights to do it. Moreover, they are fully capable to be responsible for what they do. Parents having sexual intercourse are not considered to be having pre-marital sex because mainly they're already married. So there's nothing wrong with that.

    Secondly, it is but right to lecture their kids about it. I mean, what if their daughter get impregnated? Because of the daughter's immaturity, they suffer. "Protection" is not 100% safe. What more if they are not financially capable to raise the child? The child then becomes a liabilty of the family who in the future may become one of the millions of liabilities of the Philippines?

    Don't get me wrong, hindi po ako makalumang tao. I'm a teenager like you who's open to these kinds of topic. However, as a student of a well-known Catholic institution, and as a Filipino who thinks critically, i condemn pre-marital sex because of morality and the economic status of the Philippines.

    • Clarissa

      Oh, I am from a premier Catholic institution too. Not because you are from a Catholic institution means you will confine yourself inside the walls of idealism which eventually creates hypocrisy, little by little. I am not saying this is you, but I have seen a lot of peers from school are are doing this. I choose to step outside the walls of Catholic tradition because if not, I will go insane. I have been in overly Catholic schools in my 15 years of academic life. Even the Vatican has spent already billions of dollars in dealing with sexual-related offenses by its constituents.

      First and foremost, please get the context. LONG TERM COUPLES. When I talk about long-term couples, these are couples who are together for 4++ years. In reality, you would see these people in middle 20s groups. In the working force. Some start it in the academe but most of these couples are in the working force. Meaning, they are by any means, financially equipped–not as ill equipped as you think of.

      Secondly, I was talking about parents who lecture their children things that they themselves didn't do when they were in their younger years. I have heard of a lot of parents who keep on lying about it and it just turns as a subject for amusement of their kids, not as something to be taken seriously. Behaviorally speaking (I am sorry I have to input school knowledge here), teenagers take the influences of outsiders more than their parents'. Outsiders = peers, media, etc. Given that kind of idea, I think parents should consider talking about precautionary measures these days and we should be open to that. Hindi mo naman alam kung gagawin ng anak mo 'yan or what eh so better be sure that you contributed in the reminders about protection.

      Kahit na nasa Catholic school ka, no guarantee na super hindi macocorrupt mind mo. Actually if you go to all-girl schools around (high school level), you will not have a day wherein you won't hear girls chuckling and talking about sexual stuff. I even heard of this prominent all-girl school in Manila wherein they have students locking themselves with someone inside bathroom cubicles to do some loving. I am sure the parents of those people reminded them to not do it. 😀

      Yung context ko hindi sa teens though, nagoffer lang ako ng positive perspective about it para naman maging open yung mga tao about older people who do it while they're unmarried. Hindi 'yung feeling natin sobrang makasalanan sila. I am not encouraging teens to do it now. I am even telling them to wait for a well-brewed relationship to do it.

  • chase park

    i have been reading your comments and i find it really interesting. the idea of educating children on sex education is not a western culture. i think it's a matter of timing. i have lived in every continent and it's the same story: whatever their color is, kids will do it behind closed doors, whether the church says abstain. at the end of the day, it's not the church who makes decisions but they themselves. the question now then is: what are we gonna do about this? keep ourselves be blinded by reality or do something about it? take aside the argument of long term relationships. let's focus simply on sex education. why make a big deal about it?

    i think am one of those blessed kids who got sex education from home. yes, my poor mother gave me a series of you-and-me sessions after i blurted out one day "mom, what is orgasm?" when i look back now, i think she did a graceful thing about the situation. instead of saying "that is a no-go zone topic, end of discussion." she calmly explained to me we will have a lot of talks on this. i give kudos to her for being brave enough to share her knowledge about this subject matter. she presented in a practical way (she's not a doctor or an expert) that i would understand the consequences if i do a, b, c. i believe she opened my eyes to the reality of teenage pregnancies, STDs to name a few. she allowed me to be more Responsible and become a better person. for a lot of reasons, i knew i could trust my mom on anything. i knew i could rely on her for a number of things my peers didn't know. my mom open-mindedness helped me preserved myself. she has always told me: you don't have to rush it. when you decide to do it, make sure you are ready — mentally, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

    i say this again, i am one of those blessed kids who had an open-minded parent and i will be forever grateful about that. think about this logic: if you teach your teenage kid to fill out a cheque book, what value do you instill? trust or money laundering? if you teach kids about sex education, what value do you want to convey? to become a responsible person or a promiscuous one? i know i am not the latter. my parents valued things differently than average filipino families. they were just wise and intelligent enough, as people would say "pangunahan kaming pangaralan bago ang iba". they used a positive approach instead of the usual taboo atmosphere. and i will be forever grateful on that.

    now the challenge for me is how to pass it on to others, especially my would-be-children about this very matter.:)

  • Justein Redoble

    The point is, the act of PMS is morally incorrect but the notion of seeing it as an act of love is seemingly a socially acceptable factor (by an individual).

    Then again, your stand on God and the Bible is particularly misleading for the youth. Sex in the bible is sacred. The practice is only to be done when one is married and is planning to create a new born child. Sex done by pleasure because of so-called "love" is a sin.

    When one loves, he endures. When one loves he is willing to abstain from sin. Love is pure – THAT is the idealism on the stand of Christianity, whether it be Protestant or Catholic. Obviously, one can never be triumphant over morally injecting PMS to any belief.

    And it is wrong to say that you are not promoting PMS. Because by the single fact that you are seeing the positivity of it on long-term relationships is already an inevitable type of promotion. By seeing positivity, you are simply misleading the youth.

    Clearly, what you are trying to transcend to the readers is the concept of hypocrisy in homes. You believe that if there is honesty in reality, there will be progress.

    And YES, there will be worldly progress. And the worldly progress is always the easy way. But there will be NO righteous progress. We will still be hypocrites for not practicing what our belief is telling us.

    Yet if you still stay with your stand and if you agree that PMS is OKAY particularly on long-term relationship, then it is your individual opinion and it is your choice. But if one continues to practice it by his or her choice then it is still WRONG IN THE EYES OF GOD and no stand can change that.

    Thank you.

  • Joyce

    I think you've done a very good job in letting us see a different side of pre-marital sex. It's really interesting and also it gives me the idea that true enough, pre-marital sex is not that bad for it to be called an immoral sin. But what's more interesting is the way people here reacted. What's wrong with having sex anyway? Gosh, people could be such hypocrites 😐 Whenever this topic is up, people will always state the bible, 10 commandments and stuff about how its a sin and immoral. But hey, don't tell me that you guys never disobeyed the 10 commandments or anything written in the bible? never kayo nag cheating? kumupit? nag sinungaling? C'mon.

    Yes, don't take me wrong, some people have sex just for the pleasure, for fun, just to get over it. But when 2 people are passionate about their feelings, about each other, is it wrong?

    Times have changed. It's time to be more open minded. During the ancient times, women that had sex will be punished. But even that was changed.

    It's just sex. Walang ka naman sinaktan, pinatay. bakit masama?

  • Athena Bisnar

    First, God is just and He doesn't want us to prosper earthly pleasures. But He wanted us to enjoy with Him. God is not a son of man that He does not stand firm into His words and promises– "God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?" (Numbers 23:19).

    I recommend you to read your Bible. God gave us things on Earth to honor Him not to disobey Him. When He said it displeases Him, it really does. If you will insist your earthly point of view and necessity about pre-marital sex then maybe you should check your heart and mind over and over again. Again, just like what I said, read your Bible.

    Secondly, why settle for a partner who is just please in such pleasure? That's not love, it's LUST.

    1 Corinthians 13:4-8
    "Love is PATIENT, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is NOT SELF-SEEKING, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does NOT DELIGHT IN EVIL but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always TRUSTS, always hopes, always perseveres.
    Love NEVER FAILS. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away."

    Bible is the book of WISDOM and all the things that are written in it is the TRUTH. Love is PATIENT– so why do sex before marriage? Sex is a God given gift to couples who made their vows before Him (Read the whole book of Song of Songs).
    Love NEVER FAILS– If such relationship breaks for such lack of pleasure, then I think it's not love. It's not love that made their relationship going, it's lust. LOVE and LUST can't go together.

    For me, doing such action for the sake of the safety of the family or whatever relationship is detestable. It's a matter choice of, "A broken family who lives under God's presence or a complete family or long-term relationship but only satisfies what this WORLD offers and does not obey what He has commanded?" Well, that's all for me. God bless you! May you seek what the truth is and may you know who God really is. :)

  • Nico

    You are saying that since the number of divorces and separation cases are mushrooming because of sexual dissatisfaction, pre-marital sex should be at least accepted to test if there is a chemistry in bed or to condition yourself with your partner in terms of sex. Tama po ba? I just want to quote and unquote this statement:

    "Many married couples in different countries file divorces and annulments due to sexual dissatisfaction and/or sexual uncompatibility."

    I really appreciate your effort that you are trying to view PMS in a positive way because I am a Social Science major and as we study Philippine Culture and its social concern, this term is viewed as a negative one most especially in our country and in our culture who has been known to be conservative and only few people are open-minded to see the other side of PMS. But I just want to ask if those separation cases in "different countries" include Philippines. Because if not, you should not tell that youth should accept such act.

    I, personally view PMS as one of the major concern here in our country. *According to the article posted on a site, out of 470,000 abortion, 1/3 of them are actually youth and 3 out of 4 maternal deaths are from adolescents and people who do such act experience psycho-emotional problem (like suicide) and physiological/health problems (it includes STD and the drastic HIV/AIDS virus). And I think, the cases are getting numerous and alarming. Though you are not certainly addressing this to teenagers but we all know that the main "victim" of PMS are teens.

    I am only 16 years old and though some of my friend keeps on telling me that sex is a pleasure, I am not "persuaded" to do such thing. Yeah, I may see it as a pleasure I think hours of pleasure seems to have a big difference in a life time of regrets and suffering as I face the possible consequences afterwards.

    I really appreciate how you value family and you think that PMS should be at least accepted since this is the major cause of separation due to sexual discontentment Yes, you have the point but I think it is not necessary here in the Philippines. Filipinos know how to value marriage and the meaning of true love and I know that sexual dissatisfaction would not be the reason of separation here in our country(in most cases).

    (*credits to Dr. Corazon Raymundo and to:

  •!/?ref=home zheena

    juskodudong. :) Kung sasabihin kong inappropriate ang pre-marital sex, nako madaming magagalit. Sad, but true. Right? Ano bang ipinaglalaban nyo? Hindi naman kailangan mamroblema sa magiging future natin kasi si God bahala dun. Kung nagkaroon man ng sexual dissatisfaction ng married couple dahil never nila tnry yung pre-marital sex, then be it. Besides, nagkakaroon lang naman ng dissatisfaction dahil either natry na ng isa sa kanila ang sex sa iba and they realize na better yun kesa sa spouse nila or nakapanood sila ng exaggerated sex actions ng foreigners that's why …

  • Nica

    This is one bad thing about living in a Catholic Country. Everybody controls you and tells you what to do. I believe that premarital sex is okay. As long as we are responsible enough to know the effects it may bring. I've read a comment that made me realise how stupid it is to get married. If you're married and not happy about it, you're trapped? So it's like a prison. And why do you people say that God will condemn people who engages in premarital sex? Have you talked to him? Do you think he is that judgemental. If we look at it, sex is a human nature. The only time it became a taboo is whe people started to put rules around it. Stop telling us to read the bible, I've read it. I grew up in a Catholic school and studied it page by page. It doesn't state anywhere that we should be dictated by it. GOD GAVE US FREEDOM OF MIND TO MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS. Stop bragging about your beliefs and your religion because it sounds hypocrite. FACE THE REALITY THAT THIS IS HAPPENING. Youth are engaged in premarital sex and the reason why it turns out negatively is because adults would keep their mouth shut or would say that it is DEFINITELY WRONG. Result: youth would experiment. Come to think of it, if they are aware of the consequences and if people would be open minded, maybe we will be a much better society.


    sex is sacred , a gift of God only for married people. I don’t think that pre marital sex with right purpose will determine the compatibility of the couple. Nevertheless pre marital sex would destroy the relationship because as soon as the urge is no longer there it will create chaos wherein the couple wouldn’t understand why they are feeling that way. Respect is no longer there since the guy already get what he wanted from the girl. Let me share this fact: sex is the very reason why most of the people get married. remember: ” PRE MARITAL SEX CAN HURT LOVE”

  • marjhon

    the angels to be particular Lucifer became so envious to all humans and that what makes them rebel. God gave us the freedom to do right and wrong. Stupid people are keep on doing wrong things which they think are OK because of their free choice. everybody should know that God in His great love for us offered us such leaders for us to be directed and not to be lost. as the old Greeks said”their is no true freedom without law”. here, for all those stupids who keep on insisting that they know what it says by the bible according to premarital sex being OK you don’t know what your saying. bible scholars are the people whom you need to ask

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