Most Scary WordPress Moment

To join the discussion that is going on over at the Weblogtoolscollection, a website that delivers WordPress related news views updates and whatsoever that’s connected and related to WordPress; here’s my post about the most craziest, scary moment in my whole WordPress life.

I’ve taken down a lot of blogs that I formerly administered and wrote on. Sometimes,  a plugin messed up, and sometimes I just came to click the wrong button, yet my foolish mind that time didn’t know what powerful tool I’m using and where it would lead me, so I can’t call those events as scary.

There has been this day where everything went wrong, from server load to server downtime and yes, simply everything. I felt a little bit scared on what would happen with my blogging future but still it’s not the most scariest moment of them all. Do I even have one? Yes I do have one.

I come to recall the day when one of my arch rivals of the former foruming business that I was in told me that he would hack my website, my WordPress installation and make it disappear, I know, it sounded pretty much unconvincing to believe that such a fool could to that, but hey, doesn’t fools tend to do whatever they want to do when we expect least from them? :p XD. Good that there was this plugin called Stealth Login and my login page was secure at all times from any codes that he could bring it.

But wait? Where’s my scariest moment now?

Here it goes. I attended WordCamp Davao and also WordCamp Philippines last September. And in between those events was the so-called Software Freedom Day 2008 and I was set as a speaker. The moment that I received the invitation to speak in front of “a few students” for the Software Freedom Day, I immediately faced my ass to all other things but preparing some plugins for my presentation that I could show those College Students. And that, with the confidence that there will be a handful of WordPress Users among them.

After I attended WordCamp Davao, I was very confident with this, that I could deliver a nice talk about WordPress and what makes it so special to those people in attendance. I also expected the crowd not to rise above a hundred and more, yet… The unexpected came true.

I had a bit more than a few hundred College Students in front of me, some from Ateneo de Davao, a handful from the Immaculate Concepcion and a few dozen from the hosting university University of Mindanao. And heck, was I stunned and shocked as the students invaded the little place.

People in attendance before the start That time when I was talking the venue was jam-packed with people even sitting on the floor near the stairs. And then, my moment came the tragic end of such a joyful feeling that I never have experienced before. People clapped their hands, some of them were amazed that a person of my age is capable of taking this on this kind of task, but I never failed to do the unexpected, and yes, I literally failed on the event.

I was able to cope with the pressure at first and made it over the first few slides that I had on my nonsense slide which was just prepared the night before because I lost my original one. But the moment I raised the question to the public if who among them is using WordPress, there was a sudden turn of emotions.

SFD 2008 Davao – Kevin Paquet from ragingmon on Vimeo.

I saw 5 lone arms raised of those many who are using WordPress, while almost most of the half are on BlogSpot, it was a though challenge for me to get over especially with Ateneans in attendance. I was so scared that I could commit mistakes and that I won’t be able to convert those BlogSpot Users in attendance Kevin Paquet Software Freedom Day to WordPress. Every slide was horrible and whatever came out of my mouth was horrible as well, I lost my concentration, skipped all the plugins that I prepared (what’s the use of these when I have only 5 WordPress users attending the Software Freedom Day?)

Until a couple of minutes later, I saw the light again and with that my seat and a round of applause as conselation. Well, lesson learned, next time, I’d better checkout the environment of the community that I’ll be speaking to. :p

  • Nica

    para sa akin, okey naman tong ginagawa mo sa event ah, maaus naman pagsasalita mo dito.kakatawa ka pa nga

  • maartegirls

    Wow! go wordpress!
    At least u cope it up!COngrats!

  • lvs

    Personally I still havent had a scary moment but I read this blog and realized that people even steal content and claim it to be their own.

    Just imagine if one day you wake up and find your post on someone else’s blog. That is a scary thought.

    lvss last blog post..The Search Has Just Begun

  • Kevin Paquet

    @Nica – maaus ba yan? sino nagbayad sayo para sabihin yan?haha

  • Kevin Paquet

    @maartegirls – well..thanks.. but still I believe I suck so much haha

  • Kevin Paquet

    @daizel – kung di mo ako bf, siguro iba ang sasabihin mo noh? haha

  • Kevin Paquet

    @lvs – that sounds scary indeed.

  • MiGs

    Okz lang yan brader!

    congrats for a job well done!

  • shierylssi

    hi Kevin. You looked ok naman in your presentation and the fact that they clapped and they attentively listen to you it means you’re ok. BTW, I’ll add you up in my blog roll and link. Add me up din in your site. Thank you.

    shierylssis last blog post..HALLOWEEN PARTY AT THE OFFICE

  • daizel

    ok nmn ung kinalabasan nung ginawa mo db?
    ok lng un…
    atleast kineri ng powers u un…
    i've 2ld u eh…
    basta always be prepared,pawa khit nasan u…
    confident ka…
    u hav d guts nmn eh…

  • aika

    kala ko naman kung my mumu or whatever haha!

  • Winston

    situations such as that are inevitable but what matters is how you handle the situation.

    as for the issue on the presence of the ateneans, i’m an atenean myself and most ateneans listen to things they do not know and they acknowledge other people’s mistakes (not unless the person insists on knowing something which the person obviously don’t. hehehe).

    i guess it’s not your obligation to convert all blogspot users to wordpress. both platforms has its own strengths and weaknesses. Whichever is better depends on the needs of the user. The important thing is you were able to introduce wordpress and open the possibility for them to use wordpress as their blog’s cms platform.

    Winstons last blog post..Samsung Fun Club Day

  • http://dchen.wordpress/com/ dChen

    A bit scary to have a seminar like that one but you really pulled it off quite well. Job well done.

  • Mikyu

    that’s pretty scary indeed. if i was in your place, nanginginig na yung buong katawan ko! hahaha! but good thing naman di ka binato ng mga students nohh. at least it was okay. :)

    Mikyus last blog post..Happy Halloween!

  • Princess

    You did an awesome job and I’m proud of you. (bes mo na nagsabi nito haP!)

    I can’t login btw.

    Princesss last blog post..Before the dinner

  • Kevin Paquet

    @MiGs – job well done? talaga :) hehe.. salamat.

  • Kevin Paquet

    @shierylssi – added you na rin..thanks for the comment :) hehe..

  • Kevin Paquet

    @aika – walang mumu dito.. haha.. wla ako sa mood magpost about it, ako lang kasi magisa sa room eh

  • Kevin Paquet

    @Mikyu – sama naman kung babatuhin nila ako.. huhuhu..

  • kat-pinksesa :’)

    ayus nman ahh? mejo akward nga lng dun sa part na ang dming blogspot users..

    pero, ang galing ngsalita k sa mdaming tao *claps*cheer up ^__^ u did ur best nman ee.. congratz :))

    kat-pinksesa :’)s last blog post..You Wish …

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  • Daizel

    Originally Posted By Kevin Paquet@daizel – kung di mo ako bf, siguro iba ang sasabihin mo noh? haha

    dedeny ka pa,alam mo naman magaling ka magsalita,kaya mo yan. hehe.

    Daizels last blog post..daizel shares My BF’s post about HATING BLOGSPOT

  • Kevin Paquet

    Originally Posted By kat-pinksesa :')ayus nman ahh? mejo akward nga lng dun sa part na ang dming blogspot users..

    pero, ang galing ngsalita k sa mdaming tao *claps*cheer up ^__^ u did ur best nman ee.. congratz :))

    <abbr>kat-pinksesa :')s last blog post..You Wish �</abbr>

    it surely wasn't my best, haha. nainis talaga ako halos walang WP user eh

  • Paurong

    You sound so cool, Kevin! Keep it up.

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  • http://pinoyteens _kimberly_

    _jejeje_ waz sila magkaya nimoh.. ejej Good job,, keep 8 up.. Godbless

    • Kevin Paquet

      grabeh pud ka oi.. hehe.. tnx :)

  • miks


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