Month: December 2010

5th Pencil Distribution of Pens Of Hope

Princess Salan of the Philippine Teens Media / Davao Bloggers joined the 5th Pencil Distribution in Tugbok last December 29, 2010. She was accompanied by members of Pens of Hope and other volunteers. Here’s how her day was… As in, nakakaloka ang araw na to for me. Why? Eh, kase naman, may nakilala lang naman akong bloggers which I admire most. Naku. But, hindi yan ang dapat i-share ko. Here’s what I’ve experienced. Well, first time ko lang naman sumali sa isang outreach program at isa yun sa mga dreams ko. As in feel na feel ko talagang sumali sa mga outreach program pero, andaming sagabal eh. 🙂 So ayun, I pursued it. Haha. Walang makakapigil saken nuh. 🙂 And this time, ibang saya yung naramdaman ko, at first, medyo di ako sanay sa atmosphere ng mga tao doon, nung tumagal, nasanay ako. 😀 Atleast may nakakausap ako dun. Omigosh. Andaming bata nung pagpasok ko sa baranggay hall sa Tugbok. Medyo late na kasi akong dumating. Buti nalang at na-recognize ako ni Ate Angie. 🙂 After the parlor games, kainan na! As in unexpected talaga na ako ang nag-lead ng prayer before meals. Chos! Haha. Ayun, nung sinabi na na magpila na. Hala, nagsitakbuhan na ang mga bata pero, pinauna muna yung mga maliliit na bata. And nagsimula na kaming magbigay ng biskwit tsaka juice. After ng kainan, ayun,...

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2010 Year Ender

I had laid down way too many plans for 2010, half of which have utterly failed, whilst the other half has been left uncompleted. In terms of achievements and personal experiences, this year extremely sucked. But when it comes to the people who I have met this year and got in touch with, there’s no other year I’d relive, but this. From trustworthy personalities from Mjhae down to Xtelle to good friends like Janine Cerdena and Princess Salan. I just don’t feel like myself this year. Most of the things that I’ve got my hands on failed, you could consider this blog as one of the flops of the year too. I wonder if it could get any worse in the year to come or if I’ll be able to bounce back from the graveyard. I am thankful for all those great people that I have met this year. People I had never seen before, and the ones that I have been with me for some years already. Life is full of surprises, and this is probably the biggest surprise it had in store for me yet. Giving me great people at an unpleasantly wrong time. But what was that trademark motto of my best friend again? Everything happens for a reason, and it doesn’t matter what happens to you, what matters is how you react to what happened....

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One Last Year – 2011

This 2011 will mark my fourth year in possession of Pinoy Teens. It’s been some time I suppose, some time since the 16 year young teen blogger took flight with this domain name. 2011 will probably mark my last year with PinoyTeens.Net, one last stand in trying to make good everything that went wrong this 2010. It might sound silly giving up on this domain name, but I’m looking forward to a new group of bloggers to take care of this domain name. No, not some of my contributors, because technically I have none. But some other active teen bloggers who I hope to discover within the next couple of months in the blogosphere. I had a great time serving people, posting articles, and attending press conferences due to this blog. It won’t be the end of my blogging career, it would just be the end of mine, carrying the label Mr. Pinoy Teens. I have to move on with something bigger, I won’t be a teenager anymore by the midst of next year as I’ll head to my early twenties. This will be one last year. One last year of excitement, success, fun and entertainment. If I barely blogged in 2010, you’ll see me actively blogging like never before in the coming year. And who knows, by 2012, we will have a new teenager in house will continue...

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Metro Manila Film Festival: Father Jejemon

Father Jejemon is an Official Entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. A movie suited for the whole family to laugh and cry about. My parents accompanied me last December 25, 2010 in the cinema. Aside from the fact that it’s been the first time that we’ve been to the cinema together – and that it’s been the first time ever for my dad – it is also noted to be the first time that I’ve watched a Filipino movie this year, a year which is about to close in a couple of days. The movie that we watched was Father Jejemon, starring Dolphy, Maja Salvador and Moy Moy Palaboy just to name a few. Yes, some of you may be laughing already at the thought that a moviegoer like me ended up with Jejemon instead of something else, like Tron or so (which I’ve already watched). To be honest, the movie in question wasn’t my first choice. I wanted to see RPG in 3D, but according to the Cinema Personnel the 3D Version will be out by next week yet. Being such avid fans of the King Comedy like my Mom and Dad are, there was no other option left but to go with Dolphy; she convinced me by saying that this might be his last movie ever. We arrived at the cinema about 20 minutes late, I...

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Helpless Philipine Azkals downed by Indonesia (and the Ref)

Surprise contestant Philippine Azkals were downed by Indonesia last December 20, 2010 in the AFF Suzuki Cup Semi Finals. Indonesia advances to the finals against Malaysia. Philippines lost 2-0 on aggregate. It was to no surprise to me that the Philippines were going out of the AFF Suzuki Cup against Indonesia, a team which has been way more creative, offensive, fluent on and off the ball. I’m a Filipino, no doubt, but the game the Azkals displayed last 20th of December makes me question how they’ve reached the semi finals. Let’s say they’ve deserved to make it until there, but until there only. There was no life to the Philippine lineup, but that probably for very good reason. Philippines denied a Penalty A well placed cross was placed by a Philippine winger midway the first half, it was accompanied by a well paced run, too. The only obstacle in the way to see Philippines level the Indonesian has been the goal keeper who just smashed into the striker without even having proper hold on the ball. Questionable decision  making by the officials, and this is not the lone case in this ball game. It should have been a penalty, a penalty to have them level by half time. It could have had a very great impact on the game, on the psychologically on players of both squads. Philippines played...

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