Month: May 2009

PLURK Moves in Mysterious Ways

We write the 24th of March back then; when my former Plurk Crush was in pain, in vain and shared her poignant emotions with me. We’ve been knowing each other for a while on plurk -she added me, first- but we never had a good conversation with each other. Mainly because she’s been asking me load once or twice which definitely was for her boylet back then, and of course, because she had a boylet back then. But everything was about to change, her destiny, my destiny, the 24th of March marked the day when we talked for the very first time and enjoyed a lengthy intimate and humorous discussion like never before. Some might say that I was obliged, or should I say -napilitan- to call her up, but surely I wasn’t. I made her cry that night because of the thousands of questions that I have thrown up against her about what has happened to her during a recent past experience. But when I knew that she was crying, I just had to wrap up my last few cents on Paypal and get myself loaded by my online loader to be able to call this girl. And then we started talking, talking, and talking. On the following day, we were still on the phone, the 25th early morning around 4:00AM, the momentous moment when the word TedeebHurR...

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Reviewing Co-Authors Plus

Co-Authors Plus is a new WordPress plugin that allows you to assign more than one author to a single post if in case the others have done their part to get a good post out and give them even recognition.

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