Summer Fling, Summer Lovin’

Guys of Summer

For most of the teen populace, summer may be more than going to the beach and fooling around with friends.  The 2-month length of summer and its sweetness usually make teenagers want to seek for blooming relationships.  This is what we call summer flings or summer romances which according to a song heard in the […]

Videoke: An All-Time Irresistible Filipino Pleasure

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Filipinos are so madly and deeply in love with singing!  This can be manifested by the endless existence of amateur singing contests and singing contests in TV popping out all over the place like mushrooms.  In the much more common life, we’ll see videoke machines in canteens, in tricycle terminals, and in all kinds of […]

Kris Aquino has my back now, what do you think?


Kris Aquino is in the showbiz headlines once again.  Albeit this may be a late article about this current fiasco since you probably have heard everything from The Buzz and from other showbiz news sources already, I’m still going to say something about this since I’m also driven when it comes to such topics. It’s […]


Hello! There’s someone who asked me through Formspring.COM and not through Formsrping.ME.  Please be informed that I am already using Formspring.ME and not .COM so yeah–it’s easier for me to respond through the former so please go there for questions… Anyway, to the person who asked me about this certain college entrance test, please just […]

This Is Mostly Word Vomit

I am a very vocal person.  This means that when I’m feeling something that needs to be let out, I do it in whatever way possible.  I have to admit that there are times wherein I would rather stay silent because I’ve so many things to say that only silence will do–and this happens whenever […]