Side Hustle: Ways to make money while studying


As a student myself, I know how daunting, and how impossible, making money while studying seems. You wake up, go to school, come home to TV and Facebook, and homework and family, plus all those other annoyingly necessary things like eating and sleeping, and saving or making money, on top of all that, just doesn’t […]

Download Pokémon Game Soundtrack

Download the Official Pokémon Crystal Soundtrack. Enjoy the nostalgia of the second generation Gameboy Color Game (when there were just 251 Pokés to worry about) Are you also nuts about Pokémon just like me? Well, if you are… Then you’re up for a treat! For all those who have grown up with the first and […]

DOH Advisory for Etihad Flight EY0424 Passengers


MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Health (DOH) has issued an Advisory regarding passengers of the Etihad Flight # EY 0424 on April 15, 2014 to call DOH Hotlines to rule out possibility of exposure to the MERS-Corona Virus. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY HEALTH ADVISORY The Department of Health (Philippines) is fully […]